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16 Minute Power Tabata

Ohh baby….this one is a doozy. Tabata workouts are just so great but so awful at the same time. I think they’re pretty deceptive: 20 seconds of work? Doesn’t sound so bad. Eight times through though? Harder than you’d think!

This Tabata is set up a little differently. There are basically 4 different workouts. You go through the first 2 exercises 8x, then move onto the next pair. In a way it’s sort of easier because you switch back and forth between the 2 exercises so you actually do each one only 4x through. Maybe slightly easier? Probably not though :).

Power Tabata

Power Tabata

Just to clarify even further, for example with the first set of exercises: perform 20 sec of burpees followed by ten second rest, then 20 sec. of push-ups, rest, then back to burpees for a total of 8 rounds.

I think most of these are self explanatory but I’ll explain a few potentially confusing ones:

Burpee with tuck jump- perform a burpee but when you come back to standing, jump up tucking your knees in towards your chest, then back to burpee.

V sit-up to superman– lay on your back with legs on the ground and arms overhead. Sit-up bringing your legs towards your arms and arms towards your legs keeping both straight, then lay back down, roll to your back and perform a superman. A superman is lying on your stomach (legs and arms straight), then bringing them both off the ground. Sort of like a sit up for your back muscles. Then roll back over for v sit-up.

If you have any questions about any exercise feel free to ask!

Good luck and happy almost Friday!


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