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30 Day Paleo Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 is over! Thank God. I’m halfway done..the end is in sight….there is a light at the end of the carb-free tunnel. Here’s how I’ve been feeling:

Days 9-11:

The first few days of week 2 were okay. Sort of the “same old” meaning I was tempted by carbs, but held back. My energy levels were okay, nothing to report about.

One thing I have noticed is my digestion is doing a lot better. I won’t go into details (you’re welcome) but if you have questions, feel free to email me.  All I can say is, I am loving my healthy gut!

mustard chicken thighs from practical paleo

mustard chicken thighs from practical paleo

Days 12-15:

The last part of the week I felt extremely agitated at times. I’m not sure if this is because my sleep is still a bit out of whack (some nights are good, some aren’t), or because of lack of carbohydrates, or (and this is what I suspect), I wasn’t eating enough. I had at least 3 days where I’m pretty sure everyone in my family feared me. I was being pretty snappy and impatient which doesn’t work out well when you live with a toddler.

It’s something that’s hard to measure but I’m thinking it comes back to my lack of prepping on those days. Yes, I stuck to Paleo, but I also found myself not eating for like, 5 hours which would be okay if I had eaten enough beforehand. All about prep. 


I did, however, look up Paleo and irritability and found a couple articles on it so obviously I’m not the only one with this problem. One article stated that irritability can be a side effect of a transition to low carb-whether it’s been a few days or weeks. They suggested increasing fats by 1-2 Tbsp per meal and increasing salt by 1/2 tsp a day (article can be found here). 

delicious spaghetti squash bolognese

delicious spaghetti squash bolognese

So, going forward with the second half of my little Paleo experiment, my goals are to a.) have enough food prepped and available, and b.) to increase my fats. 

yummy Paleo breakfast

yummy Paleo breakfast

I am still really enjoying trying new recipes. That has been a huge plus to this Paleo experiment. I feel like every recipe I’ve tried has been amazing too. I’ll report back with my favorites!!


If you’ve gone Paleo, have you experienced “mood swings”?


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