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Dining Out: Paleo Style

As much as I try to prep food for our days out, some days it just doesn’t happen. Like I’ve said before, lack of prep= bad news. It’s ridiculous to just not eat because I don’t have food prepped. Eating is sort of crucial (or so I hear).

We live in a pretty rural community so we really don’t have a lot of “fast food” options. When I say “fast food” I guess I mean “to-go” restaurants? Not Mcdonald’s fast food but not sit down dinner. Those in betweeners.

I knew I would be out and about today and honestly just didn’t want to prep a ton of food so I got to thinking about what my choices were. I’m currently between Jimmy John’s and Subway for my lunch today…hmm decisions. I’m thinkin’ Subway.

Here are a couple chain restaurants that have some Paleo-friendly options:


We will start with what I’ll be chompin’ on today: Subway! So, obviously Subway is a sandwich place so that sort of limits your options right there. Subway and restaurants like it are great because you can customize your meals. Paleo-wise, at Subway you might be stuck with a salad. I have no problem with that though because you can add whatever veggies you want and double up your meat. Originally, I was thinking I would have a problem with dressing but I’ll opt for vinegar and oil: problem solved!

Jimmy John’s:

Jimmy John’s is great because they an “un-wich” option which means they will wrap whatever sandwich in lettuce. Just ask for no cheese and maybe mustard instead of mayo and you’re good to go! I would double up the meat on this too because it can be a little slim in my opinion.


The ‘bizzle! The one item I look for at Starbucks is the Protein Bistro Box. This does come with cheese and peanut butter which are not paleo, but it also has a hard boiled egg, apples, and grapes. It’s a pretty good option. They also typically have nuts available for purchase: almonds, cashews, etc. Just check for added sugar.




Chipotle or Q’doba are great Paleo options. This is another example of a place where you can customize your order. I typically order a burrito bowl sans rice and load it up with veggies, meat, and guacamole. I love it because it’s really not skimpy. Sometimes ordering a lettuce wrapped sandwich can be a little skimpy and I’m hangry!

Pei Wei:

We don’t have Pei Wei around here, isn’t that sad? We do in Scottsdale though so when I visit the ‘rents I can knock myself out. Pei Wei has a gluten free menu so that is a great start. I’m sure most of their sauces (if not all) are not technically Paleo friendly so watch out there if you’re strict. Lettuce wraps are a great option too.

Paradise Bakery:

Another sandwich heavy place! Luckily, they have lots of good salad options. Grab a chicken cobb salad (minus the cheese and ask for oil/vinegar dressing) or a fuji apple chicken salad.  They also have some breakfast options like omelets-just ask for no cheese!

Panera Bread:

So, Panera appears to have lots of good options!! I guess there’s a secret menu? Why do restaurants have secret menus? Why don’t they just put it on the menu? Make all our lives easier! Anyway, check out their Power Menu. They have a couple different “power bowls” for breakfast. For example, Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl which has roasted turkey, egg whites, baby spinach, roasted peppers, and basil pesto…yum. If you’re there for lunch, try a Power Steak Lettuce Wrap.




So, Panera’s menu sounds pretty awesome. We need one here please. In the meantime, Subway will do…or maybe Q’doba.


Any good restaurants recommendations for Paleo-friendly meals?

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