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*New* Full Body Workout

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Time for a new workout!

This post will be short and sweet since it’s late here (it’s literally 9:15….is that late?) and I’m trying to get our 5 month old to sleep. Why are babies so crazy? Just sleep already. Sleep is awesome!!! She’s asleep at this particular moment but she could wake up any time. She’s all over the place: last night slept 8 hours straight (hallelujah), the night before up 5 times, night before 7 hours, etc. So unpredictable! She likes keeping me on my toes. I like laying in bed.

Workout time!


Here is a breakdown (it is around 40 minutes with added cardio. 5 min warmup, then 5 minute cardio bursts between each pair of exercises. Shorter without):

So, there are three supersets here. Supersets means perform the exercises one after the other so when you’re done with your wall balls, go into the lunge jumps. You will perform 3 rounds of each pair then move onto the next. 

Wall balls with medicine ball: Grab a medicine ball and head over to a wall at your gym. Stand pretty close to the wall.  Squat down, then throw the ball up hitting the wall, catch it, then go back into your squat and repeat.

Lunge Jumps with medicine ball overhead– Ugh. Rough. Hurts so good. Keep that medicine ball and lift it up overhead keeping it there the entire time (grab a lighter weight if you need to). From there, perform lunge jumps. You’ll love it :).


Bench hop over’s– Place your hands on a bench with your legs starting on one side. Keep hands on the bench the entire time and hop up and over the bench with both legs. Repeat back and forth.

Box jump and over’s– So, by box, I mean bench. You can use a box though if you have one. Start on one side of the bench, squat down and jump up landing softly on the bench, hop over to the other side, turn around and repeat back and forth.


Goblet Squat- Grab a dumbbell. Hold the dumbbell on one end with both hands basically at chest level (so your arms will be working here too). Hold the dumbbell in that position the entire time and perform squats.

High Pulls– You can use your dumbbell or a kettlebell. Place the dumbbell on the floor. From there, squat down, pick up the dumbbell with one hand and pull up. Then squat back down, place on the floor, and switch hands.

High pulls are hard for me to explain so here is a picture (she is using a barbell. You can use a barbell if you’d like. The one I am explaining is using a dumbbell with 1 arm at a time).




If you want to make this workout harder, and why wouldn’t you, add some cardio in between each superset workout. For example, after you complete 3 rounds of the wall balls and lunge jumps, hop on the treadmill and run for 5 minutes. Add some hills maybe? The next five minute cardio could be the stairmaster (good for the buns!).


Hope you guys like the workout. Have a great weekend! 

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