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Weekly Food Prep Ideas

I love when I’m motivated and prep food for the week. Or at least for a few days. There’s something so satisfying about opening the fridge and actually having food in there.

Meal prep


This week I prepped a few things I had made in the past but added some new foods to the rotation. Here’s a little breakdown:

Chicken Salad- Why have I not made this before? Having chicken salad (or something like it) in the fridge is so nice. It’s perfect for lunches or a higher protein snack. I cooked 3 chicken breasts in the oven then chopped them up and added chopped green apple, slivered almonds, a little mustard, Paleo mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. You could obviously use regular mayo or no mayo. Subbing in hummus or mashed up avocado would be tasty too!

Hard Boiled Eggs–  The easiest and best snack to have around. High protein, portable, and delicious. Doesn’t get much better! I boiled 8 eggs to use throughout the week.

Homemade Lara Bars (or Paleo Brownies as I like to call them)- These were just so so easy and really satisfy the sweet tooth. Although yesterday I was majorly craving actual brownies so maybe they trigger the sweet tooth? Hard to tell. By the way, these do freeze well. I think next time I’ll double the batch and freeze some.

Paleo Tortillas (or wraps)- I followed a recipe from Against All Grain which uses coconut and tapioca flour (the original recipe called for arrowroot powder but I think tapioca is a pretty good sub). They are pretty good! Don’t get me wrong, they pale in comparison to Costco’s real deal tortillas, but they’re a pretty good substitute.  I made 6 (since I’m the only one eating them) and have used them at dinner and make chicken salad wraps at lunch.

Paleo Hidden Veggie Muffins–  Another Against All Grain winner! These are really delicious muffins. They have no sweetener in them, instead use dates. Dates are so incredibly sweet that it works, no problem. The “hidden veggies” are shredded zucchini and carrots. Nom.

Egg Cups– Are eggs the best food ever? I think they might be. These are a great snack and/or quick breakfast. I just bought some low sodium ham, placed one piece in a muffin tin, then cracked an egg into it. I cooked them for about 15 minutes at 375.  (I posted about these a couple years ago… can be found here).

Paleo Mayonnaise– This is just so easy to make I figured having it in the fridge for the week was a no brainer. I used it in my chicken salad but have also used it with tuna salad. Yum!


I heart food.


Do you prep food for the week? If so, what’s in your rotation?

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