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30 Day Paleo Challenge: Week 4

I made thirty days!! Can you believe it?! I honestly can’t ha I really mean that. I say that because I’ve tried multiple times before and let’s just say, did not last thirty days.

Week 4

Week four was okay. For some reason it was a little more challenging than I would have thought.  I had some major cravings for carbos. I’m not sure if it’s because I have them dangling in front of me at all times, or because I actually miss them. I swear it is some major internal conflict when I serve my daughter her tortillas. I usually rip a piece off (ha, I know, I’m mean) and I’ve been wanting to so bad. I’ve also been craving oatmeal. Weird. Anyway, its been a struggle.

scotch eggs! hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage. yum.

scotch eggs! hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage. yum.

My Takeaway

I think my general takeaway from this challenge is eating more whole foods and less processed foods is the way to go. This sounds so obvious but it’s easier said than done. Eating whole foods all the time takes a little more work. There is definitely more time involved in prepping your meals versus convenience foods which are, of course, convenient.

chicken wrap with paleo tortilla

chicken wrap with paleo tortilla

I’m not sure if the lack of processed carbs, dairy, and legumes was good for me or not. It could have easily just been the addition of more whole foods.

Where To Go From Here

So, I was chatting with my husband today about where to go from here. We both kind of decided to keep the snacky junk foods out of the house. I think that’s definitely a good idea, but I also sort of enjoy those foods (ummm fig bars from Costco anyone?). I’ll try to limit them though.

egg cups

egg cups

I’m thinking I will add in some dairy, legumes, and carbs, but keep them pretty limited. So, basically eat pretty similar to how I’ve been eating recently.

This morning I had a piece of toast, which was amazing. Then later I had some peanut butter toast with bananas…also amazing. Toast is the best.

Anyway, so I think overall the challenge was a good one. It was tough some days but my body responded pretty well and it was fun trying new recipes.

On to the next challenge!

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