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Quick, Upper Body Workout

Workout time!

This workout is really focused on your upper body. The burpees in between each exercise is a great way to get a little cardiovascular workout in (which burns mucho calories). The focus is primarily on your chest, triceps, and shoulders but all three of these moves work your entire body, especially your core.

This workout can be done at home- no equipment required. Just show up with that sweet bod of yours…that’s all you need! Here’s the workout:

Upper body workout

Here’s some information on a couple of the moves (if you have any other questions let me know!):

Burpees with tuck jump- I’m going to guess you are probably familiar with a burpee. So, once you’re coming up out of the burpee, when you usually do a jump, jump up in the air bringing your knees up towards your chest. Then, when you land go right into the next burpee.

Triceps Dips– You might be familiar with these too. These can be performed on the ground or the edge of a bench, chair, etc. If you want to make these more challenging, lift one leg up then switch legs after 15 seconds.

Judo Push-Ups– These are so great. They are a little hard to explain though so here are a couple links to explanations (here and a video here).


It’s short and sweet but should burn your arms and get your heart pounding!

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