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Zoodles *Recipe*


Does this count as a recipe? Sure, why not. By the way, can you tell I’ve been playing with photo apps? I’ve literally downloaded three new ones… I can’t decide which are keepers and which aren’t.  Anyway, to zoodles!

Zoodles. Otherwise known as: zucchini noodles.

These are so, so easy to make and as long as you like zucchini, they’re delicious too.

The other night I made some meat sauce with noodles for my husband and daughter but since I’m eating Paleo, noodles were out for me. I had a couple zucchini on hand from some muffins I made earlier in the week so I decided to give zucchini noodles a try. I’ve made them before but its been a long time. I’m not really sure why I stopped making them?

When I say they’re easy… I really mean it. Let’s compare spaghetti squash “noodles” to zucchini. Zucchini wins in convenience, hands down. I actually like both (taste-wise), but spaghetti squash can be a little more time consuming. This is how I cooked the zoodles:

1. Peel

peeled zucchini


I just use a julienne peeler to noodle-ize my zucchini. Lots of people use a spiralizer but honestly, I can’t deal with anymore kitchen appliances. Unless we’re talkin’ Vitamix, I ain’t got the space! This julienne peeler takes up way less space and is only 9 dollars. Easy!

julienne peeler

julienne peeler

the peeler I used (link in the post)

the peeler I used (link in the post)

2. Soak Up Extra Water (or don’t)

This isn’t necessarily a crucial step, but I think it’s helpful. After I peeled my zucchini, I placed it all in a paper towel, wrapped it, then left it for about 30 minutes. Zucchini have lots of water so I wanted to soak some up before cooking.

soaking up the zucchini water

soaking up the zucchini water

3. Cook (or don’t)

I wanted to soften my noodles up a bit so I just sauteed them in some butter literally for like, 5 minutes. If you like them cold or crunchy, then skip this step. I just tasted mine after a few minutes and they were soft enough for me. Cook longer if you like them super soft.


4. Eat.


This was such an easy meal: ground elk with tomato sauce over zucchini noodles. So easy, light, and Paleo. Win! I may have to keep zucchini in the rotation (along with cauliflower- officially the best vegetable).

zoodles with ground elk

zoodles with ground elk



Okay, back to photo apps….any good photo app recommendations? 

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