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B-Up Bar Review

Ohhhh man. There is a new protein bar in town you guys.

I saw B-Up bars kind of floating around on Instagram, so I reached out to the company and asked if I could try a few. They were nice enough to send me lots of different flavors to try and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

I hate to compare B-Up bars to Quest bars but I’m going to anyway. They are similar in that they’re both high in protein, low carb, and delicious. The biggest difference to me however is the texture.

I’m sure most of you have had a protein bar sometime in your life and a lot of the time, they taste like chalk. Quest bars are great. They’re especially great though, when you warm them in the microwave. B-Up bars are great when warmed too but they don’t have to be microwaved to taste great. 

Somehow these guys figured out how to make a protein bar that tastes light, fluffy, and soft. They are such a great texture I really can’t hammer on that enough. How did you do it Yup Brands?! Genius.

Here’s a little info on some of the ingredients in their bars:

  • 100% Natural Prebiotic Vegetable Fiber- This is basically the same type of fiber that goes into many fiber supplements.
  • Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate
  • Xylitol- A sweetener. About as sweet as table sugar but with less calories. 
  • Stevia Extract- Sweetener. Doesn’t have major effects on blood glucose so those on a controlled carbohydrate diet tend to favor it.
  • Monk Fruit Extract- A sweetener derived from the monk fruit plant.
  • Some also contain chocolate, cocoa butter, and almonds. 

The B-Up Bars come in a variety of flavors:

Sugar Cookie- Honestly tastes like a sugar cookie. I would describe it as a bland sugar cookie which doesn’t sound great…but even a bland sugar cookie tastes good. Not overly sweet. Just right.

sugar cookie

sugar cookie

Chocolate Mint– So yummy. The perfect amount of mint and chocolate. This is definitely a favorite of mine. Check out those chocolate chunks!

the softest protein bar ever!

the softest protein bar ever!

check out the chunks!

check out the chunks!

Peanut Butter– This has chunks of peanut butter which was a nice surprise. It reminds me of a peanut butter cookie or Nutter Butter cookies. The chunks kind of melt in your mouth.

peanut butter b-up bar

PB&J– Tastes pretty good. Not my favorite. Tastes mostly like peanut butter with a little hint of raspberry jam?

pb&j b-up bar

Vanilla Peanut Butter– I would describe it as a cross between sugar cookie and peanut butter. Not too much of either flavor…just right!

vanilla peanut butter b-up bar


Cinnamon Roll– Great cinnamon taste! Would be especially yummy warmed up.

cinnamon roll b-up bar

My favorite flavors are chocolate mint and sugar cookie!

The one thing each bar had in common was the soft texture. I love that about these bars.

B-Jammin’ Bar (Cherry Vanilla Pie)

b-jammin bar

Their B-Jammin bars are a little different than the B-Up bars. They come in 3 flavors: PB&J, Cherry Vanilla Pie, and Apple Pie a-la-Mode. I tried the Cherry Pie.

I would describe these bars as their ” healthy treat” bars. They have less protein and fiber (still 12 grams), and more sugar (11 grams compared to the 3 grams in the other bars).

The bar I tried was so dang good. It has a fruit filling so it literally tastes like a mini-cherry pie. These would be great to have around to satisfy a sweet craving.

b-jammin bar


So, overall, I think these bars are great. They’re delicious and have great nutritional stats. They are so light and fluffy it’s kind of incredible.

The bars are expensive though (about $27 dollars for a box of 12 from GNC) but they’re priced about the same as other protein bars.

I would buy these bars if I was feeling particularly rich…ha! I go through phases with protein bars. Sometimes I try to save money and  so I don’t buy any, other times I buy some. So, depends on the day! They taste great though so I’d love to have them around.

I have seen a few bars at a local GNC so I’m sure you can find some there. If not, you can always order off GNC or the Yup Brands site.


*The folks at Yup Brands were nice enough to share some bars with me, but my opinion of the bars is 100% mine.*


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