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Booty Burner Workout

I am a big ol’ fan of this workout. I don’t love working out my legs because they’re my weakest body part, that being said, I want my glutes to grow. Yes, my booty. Grow booty grow! Obviously, it’ll be hard to grow that booty if I never work out my legs. So, I’ve been doing some research on glute exercises and threw a great workout together yesterday.

Booty burner! Grow that booty!

Booty burner! Grow that booty!

I have to give credit where credit is due. I found the medicine ball tabata on another blog: Run Pretty (full workout found: (Sorry about the URL This is difficult on an iPad). This was only half of the workout and I was more than satisfied. My arms are sore today by the way. Ugh, tabatas. Here’s a breakdown of each move:

Burpees with push-up– perform a regular burpee but holding a medicine ball the entire time. When you do your pushup, hands are on the ball.

Plank jacks– hands on ball in pushup or plank position. Jump feet out wide then jump back together.

Squat jumps– regular squat jumps except holding a medicine ball. When you jump, bring ball up overhead.

So, go through each move 8 times- 20 seconds of work followed by a 10 second rest, then move onto the next exercise.

On to the booty! I performed these exercises as supersets so once I went through 1 round of the first exercise, I immediately moved onto the next. Here’s a breakdown:

Lunge Walks with Kickback– I did a total of 10 reps on both legs. So, once I lunged forward, I lifted up the back leg and squeezed the cheek! I’ve done lunge walks plenty of times but this is the first time I incorporated a kickback. It burns the cheek I tell ya!



Split Squat on Bench– 3×10 on both legs. The picture shows this move on a stability ball which you can absolutely do. The stability ball will make the move more difficult. I find split squats pretty challenging to begin with so I would recommend starting with your foot on a bench or other stable surface. Once you’re in place with your back foot resting on a bench, squat down keeping that knee behind your toes, then back up. These are tough: your quad will burn, your butt will burn, everything will burn eventually. Love it. (I also look like I’m leaning forward in this picture, try not to do that).


Hip Thrusts with Weight-3×15.  Again, I show these on a stability ball which you can do or you can rest on a bench if you’re at the gym. Rest your head, neck, and shoulders on a bench and place a weight (I think I used 15lb.) on your lower abs. Come up into a bridge squeezing your glutes. From there, lower your butt down almost touching the floor, then back up squeezing the cheeks. If you wanted to make these harder, try one leg at a time.



Single Leg Deadlift-  3x 10 both legs. I love deadlifts. I just really feel like these are working my hamstrings and glutes. Start on your right leg. Once you have your balance, hinge forward at the waist lifting your left leg off the ground and keeping your back straight (no hunching over), then use your right hamstring and glute to bring your upper body back up to standing. If this is too difficult, try it with both legs instead.



Bench Step-Ups– 3×10 both legs. Another tough one! Place your right foot on top of a bench and keep it there the entire time. Step up and lift the left foot off the ground. Gently tap the bench with your left foot and lower back down gently touching the ground, then back up again.



Curtsy Lunge with Bicep Curl-3×10 both legs.  Start standing holding dumbbells in both hands. With your left leg, lunge backwards and towards the right so your’re in a “curtsy” position. At the same time, perform a bicep curl, then push off your right foot back to standing. Then perform on the right.




Hi shit eating grin! This is me trying to “act natural” in front of the camera. Ha!

Anyway, My booty was sore for a couple days!! Let me know if you have any questions or if you try it!



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