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How to Drink More Water

I have really been liking my coffee lately. Like, really liking it.

In my previous life (AKA before I had kids..yes, I blame them 🙂 ) I was so good at drinking enough water. It was kind of like second nature. I would gulp down tons of water throughout the day and never think twice about it.

Now, for some reason, finishing 1 bottle of water a day is a victory for me. A couple of cups of coffee? No problem.

I think my biggest issue these days is I really like coffee. I want to drink it all the time. Call it an addiction (it is) but I think I also just genuinely like it more than water. I mean, it’s delicious so what’s not to like?

So, you get the point: I like coffee. That’s all well and good but I am realizing that I should probably try and sneak more water in there somewhere.

Water bottles for the day=about 80 ounces or more

Water bottles for the day=about 80 ounces or more

I did a Clean Eating Challenge group on Facebook a couple weeks back and posted in there on ways we can all drink more water. These are a couple tips that I find helpful:

  1. Fill Up Water Bottles- Like my pretty picture? Me and my photo apps. They’re so fun! Anyway, if you set a water consumption goal for the day, fill up water bottles and keep them in your fridge so you see them every time you open it. This makes it easy. Your goal for the day is to finish those water bottles!
  2. Use a Timer- If you’re at work all day or out and about and can’t lug around a million water bottles, set an alarm on your phone reminding you to drink your water!
  3. Use an App-If you’re an app kinda gal (or guy), there are “hydration” apps out there where you can track how much water you’ve drank throughout the day. You can set whatever goal you have and the app will remind you and log your consumption. Pretty great (as long as you use it!). Some app ideas are WaterMinder ($.99 cents) and Water Alert (Free).
  4. Spiff it Up- I think a lot of people complain that water is boring. It is, especially when compared to all the other yummy drinks out there. So let’s lively it up!! Lemon is an old standby and for good reason: it’s delicious and healthy. You can get creative though too and add some fruit, other veggies, or even herbs and spices like mint or cilantro.


I’m literally drinking coffee as I write this by the way, but I swear I’m on to water after I’m done!


Any tricks for drinking more water?

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