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Squarebar Review

I am a snack monster, it’s official. I’m just so excited about all these (new to me) snacks I’ve been trying lately. I mean it when I say, none of them have disappointed me.

I reached out to the folks at Squarebar (Sarah and Andrew Gordon) and they were nice enough to send me a few of their bars to try. Like some of the other foods I’ve been trying recently, I first saw Squarebars on Instagram lookin damn good if I may say so myself (the powers of social media!).

I looked up the company and immediately loved their story. They saw a need for a snack bar that had high quality, organic ingredients and eliminated dairy, gluten, soy, and processed/refined sugars. So, they solved the problem and made Squarebars. Literally, made the bars in their kitchen with real food.

Maybe I watch too much Shark Tank, but I really love to see these small companies succeed. It’s incredibly inspirational to me that two people, who are probably around the same age as me, created a company and brand by themselves. I’m sure it’s an overwhelming process, but how cool to actually get the job done AND create a product that is good. Kudos Sarah and Andrew!

Squarebar is Not For Sale

Not only do they make delicious bars with wholesome ingredients, they donate 2.5% of their sales to the Not for Sale campaign. Not for Sale is a San Francisco based non-profit organization fighting to end modern day slavery, human trafficking, and exploitation around the world. Here is more information on Squarebars involvement with Not for Sale.

Okay, I’m done ranting about my admiration for entrepreneurs. On to the bars:

One thing each flavor of Squarebar had in common was their yummy chocolate shell (each flavor is cocoa-something). That’s how I would describe it: a shell. When you bite into it it breaks off in this yummy, perfect way.


Cocoa Cherry 

This was one of my favorite flavors. There is something about cherries and chocolate. The flavors just pair so nicely together.

cocoa cherry squarebar

my daughter approved of this one too. she took half!

my daughter approved of this one too. she took half!

Cocoa Mint

My second favorite! This had a great minty flavor. I think it could actually be a great replacement for York Peppermint Patties (which are my favorite things ever). ¬†The chocolate shell with the mint flavor really reminded me of them. Great when you’re craving chocolate!


Cocoa Coconut

Third favorite. Or maybe a tie with mint. I love coconut so the little pieces laced throughout this bar really hit the spot. If you’re a coconut lover you will definitely like this bar!


Cocoa Crunch

This bar was good but out of all of them, was my least favorite. Tasted sort of like a chocolate protein bar (which is what it is). The other bars just had more flavor to them. You kind of forgot you were eating something healthy.


Here’s some info on their nutritional stats:

  • Calories: 210
  • Fat: 9 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Sugar: 14 grams
  • Protein: 12 grams


If you wanted to give Squarebars a try (I highly recommend it), use the discount code: “HealthyHungryHappy” when checking out on and you’ll receive 20% off your entire order.

Squarebar offers flat rate shipping to over 35 countries and FREE shipping in the U.S.

Let me know if you give them a try!

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