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ENLIGHTENED Crisps Review and *Giveaway*

enlightened crisps

enlightened crisps

I am so excited about this giveaway!!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the good folks at ENLIGHTENED. You may be familiar with ENLIGHTENED ice cream which can be found in several retailers across the country. I actually haven’t had the chance to try their ice cream yet but I really want to.  Their ice cream bars come in lots of yummy flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Mint Chocolate Swirl, and more. Each bar is between 70-80 calories with 7-8 grams of protein, and no more than 5 grams of sugar. I need to find these! Anyway, on to the crisps!!


ENLIGHTENED recently launched a line of savory snacks: ENLIGHTENED Crisps. The Crisps are actually roasted broad beans ( or Fava beans… I believe they’re the same thing?). There are only 100 calories in a serving, 7 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber. Pretty amazing stats. They are also GMO free, vegan, gluten free, and soy free.

enlightened crisps

enlightened crisps

My honest, honest opinion of these are that they are delicious. I love the idea of roasted beans because they’re healthy!! They’re an incredibly convenient and nutritious food. I always find most convenience foods to be highly processed, high carb, and high sugar-these are none of those things. I think they did a really awesome job with these so I’m excited for you guys to try them! Here are the flavors:


enlightened crisps wasabi

This might be my favorite. I don’t love spicy stuff…but I guess wasabi isn’t spicy? I’m not sure how to describe it but it is addicting. Something about it. The wasabi flavor is perfect. If you like wasabi you’ll love these!

Mesquite BBQ

I think this is my least favorite. It tastes good but sort of weak in my opinion on the BBQ flavor.

enlightened crisps mesquite bbq

enlightened crisps mesquite bbq

Garlic and Onion

They nailed the garlic flavor! These are my husband and daughters favorite flavor.

enlightened crisps garlic and onion

enlightened crisps garlic and onion

Sea Salt

I love just plain and simple Sea Salt. You can’t go wrong with a little sea salt. These are great! Not too salty which is usually a complaint of mine with savory foods.

enlightened crisps sea salt

enlightened crisps sea salt


Yum. Like I said, I generally don’t like hot or spicy foods but sriracha is another exception. In moderation :). This sriracha flavor is actually not that hot at all. I think it’s a little sweet actually. If you love that burning hot flavor you might not love this, but if you like a subtle sriracha…you’ll like it! My two year old daughter ate this and liked it so definitely not too hot.

enlightened crisps sriracha

enlightened crisps sriracha


So, this is the best part: ENLIGHTENED will give away a sample pack and (so you can try all the flavors) and ice cream coupons to 3 winners!! Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow ENLIGHTENED on Twitter (leave a comment below and let me know) @eatenlightened
  • Follow ENLIGHTENED on Facebook (leave comment)
  • Follow ENLIGHTENED on Instagram (leave comment) @eatenlightened
  • Follow ME on Facebook 🙂  (leave comment)

I will pick THREE WINNERS on Friday. Good luck!!



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