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Firmoo Glasses Review

Nerd Alert!!!

firmoo glasses

I have terrible, awful vision. Like, the worst ever. I typically wear contacts except at night and in the morning when I wake up. However, lately my eyes have been acting up….especially the left. My vision is so bad that it is incredibly disruptive to my life.

I bought a pair of glasses oh…I donno…probably like, 7 years ago at this point (because again, only wore them for short periods during the day). I picked the cheapest frames I could find because even with cheap frames, the high prescription of the lenses bumped up the price dramatically. I’m talkin’ 40 dollar frames and 200 dollar lenses. Crazy.

Anyway, my eye irritation combined with old, scratched glasses have been causing major frustration in my life lately. Firmoo, an online optical store, contacted me a few weeks ago asking me to review a pair of glasses. Their timing was pretty much perfect!!

I took this opportunity to order a pair of glasses that I like to call “nerd chic.” I picked a pair of tortoise colored glasses with a rectangular frame.

look at that adorable photo bomber!

look at that adorable photo bomber!

I love the tortoise color! To me, it is so classic. My old glasses are pretty plain jane so I feel like I finally have a pair of “adult” glasses.

firmoo glasses

This was my first experience ordering prescription glasses online. I was a little unsure at first because it seems like something you should try on? I guess shoes do too and I’m totally fine with ordering shoes online so why not glasses? I also wasn’t sure if they could accommodate my crazy prescription but they did!

Anyway, the Firmoo site was really easy to use. I picked the glasses I wanted, then uploaded my Rx (I happened to have a hard copy of my prescription. You can always ask your eye dr. for one or just for the information you need).

firmoo glasses

They have a great feature on the site too where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on the glasses you like.

firmoo glasses

Honestly, the best part of my experience is their price point. My glasses were around $50 dollars. They have tons of options ranging from around $26 dollars to $60.

I have to mention their customer service too. They responded right away when I had questions and followed up with me making sure I was happy with my glasses.


Ok..I don’t know how to take selfies. Why do they look so grainy? Help! Do I need a selfie stick? I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about my new glasses. They are sturdy, beautiful frames with no scratches. I can actually see! I will definitely order glasses from Firmoo again. The glasses are cute AND affordable. Love it.


Do you wear glasses? Where do you buy yours from?


*Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses but the opinions expressed are all my own*

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