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Freezing Avocados and ENLIGHTENED Giveaway Winners

Happy Friday!

I heart avocados. But sometimes I get little too excited and buy too many. We eat them pretty often but sometimes they just all become overripe at the same time! I try to get a little variety in ripeness but a lot of times, they’re literally all the same. I’ve thrown away one too many avocados. Ugh, I know, life is hard.

So, I recently wondered if I could freeze them. Turns out, you can!

I found two different ways to freeze them. One seemed more geared towards making guacamole…which definitely sounds lovely. I don’t make guac too often though so I decided to freeze them a different way: cutting into quarters. This also appears to be the easier way..which I enjoy. The other way (potentially for guac) is to mash the avocado up, drop some lemon juice on it, then place in a freezer bag. Definitely look that up though before trusting my word since I haven’t tried it. Here’s how I froze my avocado:

I cut the avocado in half, then halved the half.


Then I placed them in freezer friendly bags. Pretty tough stuff :).

I’ve been using avocados a lot lately in green smoothies so freezing them makes for awesome consistency.



Love it!

Okay folks! Here are the giveaway winners:

Jordan D!





And Laura!

I’ll shoot you guys an email on how to claim your delicious prize.


Thanks for entering everyone!

*sorry about the weird pics I posted this on my iPad. It is the worssssst. I know, first world problems.

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  • I’ve frozen them alone like you did and also gone ahead and made guacamole and done individual servings (or 2 person servings) in snack-size bags and then placed those in bigger freezer bag.

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