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For the Love of Podcasts

I’ve briefly mentioned that we live far from town. Like, really far. I’m talkin’ 50 minutes from cell reception. Yeah, the real deal.

Sometimes this hellacious drive is a blessing in disguise though. It gives me the chance to listen to audiobooks (since real person books have mysteriously vanished from my life) AND podcasts.

I was first introduced to podcasts through Serial (yes, me and everyone else in the world). So, thanks Serial! If you haven’t listened to Serial yet, check it out! It’s a pretty interesting and mysterious story.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the podcasts that I listen to. I love to hear what other people listen to, so if I can help broaden your podcast horizon, then my work here is done.

(I literally took pictures of my podcast list on my phone so we will go in the order they appear).


Wine for Normal People

I go in and out of a love affair with wine. Actually, that’s not true. I love it all the time. Rather, I love Sauvignon Blanc all the time and tolerate the other’s if that’s all there is to drink.

All that being said, I would love to learn about wine. Like, actually understand what different red wines taste like based on the grape, where they’re from, what year, etc. SO many things to learn it’s nuts.

Anyway, this podcast is kind of fun. The hosts seem to know a lot but aren’t pretentious at all. It’s pretty new to my podcast list but so far I’m enjoying it! (I’m thinking you can listen to all the wine podcasts in the world, but the only way to know wine is to DRINK 🙂 ).

Definitely recommend if you like wine and want to learn more.

Build a Badass Business with Diane Sanfillippo 

This podcast is new to me too although I’m already convinced I’m gonna love it.

I really enjoy entrepreneurial/business podcasts. Do I have a business? Nope :). But listening to these kinds of podcasts sort of inspires me. I may not technically have a business now, but I might someday?

Dianne (if you don’t know her) is the author of Practical Paleo and the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet. I believe she writes a blog and just generally has a great social media presence, so a lot of the podcast is geared towards that kind of stuff i.e. building an online presence/business, getting over fears, etc.

Still new, but would recommend giving it a try if you’re an entrepreneur or wanna-be entrepreneur. 🙂

Sex with Emily

Did this blog just go from PG-13 to R? Yes, yes it did.

So, here’s the thing about Sex with Emily: I was curious one day, ok?! Don’t judge me. On a side note, there are like, a million sex podcasts out there so I’m not the only creep.

Anyway, I decided why not? I don’t really know what a sexologist does or is, so let’s see if I learn something.

Well, it’s entertaining….I give you that Emily. I’ve only listened to like, 2 of the shows and they were sort of fascinating/funny. One got to a point where I couldn’t listen anymore because it was getting way too weird for me (people talking clown sex). I try to keep an open mind, but clown sex is just something I don’t care to hear about.

So, would I recommend it? Ummm I don’t know..maybe not? I guess it’s not bad. All depends on what you want to listen to…or what “turns you on”…or “floats your boat” (shall I keep going?).  If clown sex does, this might be the podcast for you. 🙂

I’ll leave it at: I don’t subscribe. So, that’s that.

How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black

The name of this podcast might be a little deceiving. It isn’t necessarily a how-to show, it’s an interview show hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. So, in case you don’t know who Michael Ian Black actually do:



Anyway, he’s a comedian but this show is an interview style show. The concept is, he interviews people who are amazing.  I’ve only listened to a few episodes of this too but have enjoyed the interviews. He interviews Amy Schumer, who I love, so I naturally had to listen.


She’s hilarious.

So, I would recommend this podcast. He’s pretty funny and does have some interesting people on the show. Another episode was with Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul.

I would recommend!


Now come the hoards of Paleo/Food podcasts!

Nom Nom Paleo

For those who don’t know Michelle, she’s the author of the blog (and book) Nom Nom Paleo. She’s got an awesome Paleo blog if you were looking to try any recipes and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her book.

Her podcast is pretty fun! It’s actually the whole family (husband and two boys too). They talk about what they ate that they loved that week, then go on to a topic for that show. For example, one show was on quick Paleo dinners which I’m constantly trying to figure out.

I definitely recommend this podcast if you’re interested in Paleo eating or really just food in general. It might technically be a Paleo podcast, but she really covers a lot about food and cooking in general.

America’s Test Kitchen

This is a great podcast!! It covers all things cooking. They take questions from listeners, try and review different products (like Mexican beers for for example), then have a topic they discuss. There is a lot covered!

If you love food, you’ll love the podcast. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “foodie” I’m sure you’d enjoy it. For example, one I listened to was about NYC during prohibition. They actually went on a tour of one of its most famous speakeasies. So, it’s a fun one to listen to!


Harder to Kill

Haven’t actually listened to entire episode yet so I’ll be back later with an update!

Balanced Bites

My favorite! This is a Paleo podcast hosted by Diane Sanfillippo and Liz Wolfe (author of Eat the Yolks).  They talk about a few things relevant in the paleo community, but mostly answer people’s questions.

So, I love hearing the answers to the questions they receive, but what I really love is their banter. They’re so funny I swear I feel like we’d be best friends in real life.

I totally recommend it and look forward to it every week (each Thursday!),



The following three I haven’t listened to yet…oops:

Total Human Optimization (sounds pretty intense)

Modern Farm Girls (I’m debating whether or not I am one)

Live Love Teach (yoga classes! Haven’t found a moment to try one)

The Late Show Podcast

I heard Stephen Colbert. Like, really. He is my favorite person. I miss The Colbert Report so much and can’t wait for his new CBS show!

This podcast is sort of a behind the scenes of the new show. The shows are pretty short..which makes me sad…but that means you can listen to them whenever.

They aren’t mind blowing podcasts, but if you love Stephen like I do, you’ll enjoy them.



Fat Burning Man

Another paleo podcast with some fitness aspects mixed in. Abel James is the host and there’s just something about him I really like. He always sounds like he’s smiling. Maybe he is!

Anyway, he is usually interviewing someone like doctors, paleo experts, fitness experts, etc. For example, the last one I listened to he interviewed Jackie Warner (celebrity trainer) who I really like.

Definitely recommend, especially if you’re paleo.

The Joe Rogan Experience

I’m sure you all know Joe Rogan (used to host Fear Factor back in the day).

He does strictly interview shows. Long interview shows.  He typically interviews other comedians, actors, professors, nutritionists…the list goes on.

I don’t listen to his podcast regularly (my husband does). I tend to listen when I really want to hear an interview with someone in particular. He has long podcasts (like a couple hours) so I just feel like I never finish them unless I’m on a road trip.

If you have the time, the podcast is pretty entertaining and sometimes educational! They have some good conversations. There is definitely language though, so head’s up!

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is such an inspiring person. So, (I don’t know how many years exactly) but like, 10 years ago he was overweight and just unhealthy. One day he decided to do something about it.

Rich became a vegan and started exercising. Now, he’s like, a super freak ultramarathoner and cyclist. He’s the real deal athlete AND he’s vegan.

I know, I listen to a vegan and Paleo podcasts. They have more in common than you’d think!

I like his podcasts because they’re very inspirational. He does a lot of interviews, but also does solo show’s and brings his wife on.

Whenever I listen to the show, I just want to drink green smoothies and do yoga. 🙂


Build Your Tribe

Miss Chalene!

Some of you may know Chalene Johnson from workout DVD’s like PiYo and TurboFire. She’s a big time fitness buff but also an incredible business woman.

Her Build Your Tribe podcast is strictly a business podcast. If you have a blog, a website, or just social media accounts, you might want to listen to her show. She gives lots of advice on strategically using social media, internet marketing, building email lists, etc. Lots of good stuff!




The James Altucher Show

Another entrepreneur! James is pretty interesting because he’s gone from super rich, to totally broke, to finding his feet again.

He does mostly interviews with incredibly interesting and successful people like Mark Cuban, Tim Ferris, and Rich Roll (just to name a few).

He is basically a super nerd but you can’t help but love him. Look at that pic hah super nerd! Love him.


The Chalene Show

Yep, Chalene has two shows.

This show is more about life topics in general. Sometimes she talk about fitness, other times it’s family, business, building confidence, anything and everything!

I used to listen to every episode, now I kind of pick and choose. Sometimes I get a little “Chalened” out.

It’s a great show though. Chalene has a such an awesome attitude; she’s very motivating. Sometimes when I feel like fear is getting in my way, her shows kind of help me through.


Bulletproof Radio

You’ve all heard of Bulletproof coffee by now right? Well, Dave Asprey, the host of this show, coined that phrase (he also has a book).

This show isn’t strictly about food and diet though, it’s about any and everything regarding human performance. Basically, how can you become better and more efficient at everything in your life?

It can be really interesting sometimes, other times Dave annoys me (not gonna lie). He does mostly interviews and the topics are totally off the wall.

Like I said, topics are not strictly diet related, for example one episode was about dementia and how to possibly prevent it. Of course, take everything on any podcast with a grain of salt!

I would recommend this podcast. It’s pretty interesting. Sometimes a bit much but overall pretty good.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Time Ferriss is quite an interesting character. He’s the author of the 4 Hour Workweek, 4 Hour Body, blogger, and just self described “human guinea pig.”

This show is focused on (usually) his interviews with, again, incredible people. He DOES get some incredible people too.

His goal for this show is to deconstruct the habits, tools, etc. of these successful people. A couple examples of interviews are one with Arnold Schwarzenegger (my favorite), Glenn Beck, and Laird Hamilton (surfer).

Lots of variety with his interviews but all truly remarkable people.

I, of course, think Tim is pretty amazing so I love to hear what his tools, habits, etc. are. Definitely recommend!


Ohhhhhh man. I had way more podcasts on here than I thought. This post took me like, three days haha. In those three days I added another wine podcast: 3 Wine Guys. I listened to a couple episodes today and really enjoyed it.

Now it’s your turn!! What are some podcasts you listen to? Clearly I need to add more.





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