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Recent Eats, Weekend in Phoenix, and a Costco Promotion!

Hey ya’ll! How’s it going? How was your long weekend? I hope you all did amazing things. If you did, tell me about them I want to live vicariously through you. Not that my weekend wasn’t great, because it was! Me and the littles went to Phoenix for two baby showers. Yes, two. I have two friends who are both due with baby boys the same week in October.

me and my lady friends

me and my lady friends

We only went for 3 nights so it really was a quick trip. The babes were a nightmare on the flight to Phoenix. I swear whenever I travel with them I always tell myself, “never again!” But then, of course, I do it again. I guess you get through it eventually, right? They were much better on the flight back. The 1 year old is becoming more of a challenge since she wants to crawl, not sit in my lap for 2 hours. Ugh. Planes.

my favorite time. sleep time.

my favorite time. sleep time.

She’s kind of been an overall pain the bootay lately. She’s going on 14 months and STILL wakes up at night. I may just start sleeping in another room and letting her cry it out. Is that mean? I honestly just don’t know what else to do with her. I think at this point she wakes up out of habit so it’s mostly my fault. But, we need to squash this habit quickly because mommy is very tired.

My other babe is going to be three on Friday! That’s so crazy. She’s been a lot of fun lately. Just happy and playful…all things a three year old should be. She got an early bday present: Elsa!! Yes, she loves Frozen like every other child under 10.


I have the Frozen soundtrack in my car and I swear I know every word to every song. So, if you need me to sing it to you I totally can.


Anyway, on to my eats!!

As I mentioned in a post from last week, I planned out our dinners and it was actually really nice. I’m definitely doing that again this week. I think it did help with my weekly grocery budget too since the moment I wanted to impulse buy something, I simply reminded myself that nope, we already have that meal covered. I struggle with dinner ideas so having them laid out for me is just so nice. Here were a couple meals we had last week:

spaghetti squash pizza bake...amazing.

spaghetti squash pizza bake…amazing.

So, I followed a recipe from Paleomg’s blog (link found here). My version is obviously not Paleo (um..cheese), but it is low carb and it IS delicious.



I think I’m going to make it again this week.

It’s pretty easy just a little time consuming (cooking the squash, then the meat, then everything). As long as you have a little time though you’ll be good to go.

pulled pork taco salad

pulled pork taco salad

I have really been loving taco salads lately. I had one with pulled pork and another with chicken. Salsa is officially the best salad dressing ever.


Also, cilantro is my favorite.

cottage cheese, almonds, and an apple

cottage cheese, almonds, and an apple

Do you like cottage cheese? My husband is loving it these days. I like to add something crunchy like almonds..mmm.

my new favorite dessert

my new favorite dessert

I have to have dessert every night…I just do. For a while I was having light Cool Whip and a Fiber One brownie. That’s definitely delicious but crazy processed. Cool Whip is literally all chemical-type ingredients.

So, my healthier swap is Chobani Flip yogurts. They do have some sugar, but they are definitely much better than my previous choice. I love the crunchy toppings too…it’s almost like Froyo. Almost.



Speaking of Froyo…I definitely had to get me some while in Phoenix. Have I mentioned we have NONE near me in Colorado. It is a real tragedy. So, whenever I go to Phoenix, I gotta hit it up. This was awesome: maple pumpkin yogurt. I think I might be ready for fall.


Last thing, if you’re a Costco member, get there and take advantage of the Premier Protein protein bar promotion going on right now. (I love when things go on sale at’s very exciting).

Samples!! Seriously, I love Costco.

Samples!! Seriously, I love Costco

So, normally the boxes $19.99 but they’re doing a $5.00 off promotion. So you bet I got me a box. The dark chocolate mint bars are my favorite.

premier protein bars from Costco

premier protein bars from Costco

Here’s some additional information about the bars and the promotion:

  • Premier Protein’s 30g bar variety pack will be available in Costco stores nationwide throughout the month of September
  • Costco will be offering $5.00 off the retail price of the 30g variety pack from September 3rdthrough September 27th
  • Each variety pack will include a combination of Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Mint 30g bars. Each gluten free bar is packed with 30g of protein, is a good source of fiber (3g) and a good source of calcium.


So, you  have a couple more weeks to swipe them up!

*Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Premier Protein, but I also really like their bars. Try the mint 🙂 *


How was your long weekend? Do anything fun?

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