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Sun Basket Review and *Giveaway*

I have a VERY exciting giveaway for you guys!! I’m partnering up with Sun Basket, a meal delivery service, to giveaway 3 meals (for 2 people, worth $68.94) to a lucky reader. First, here’s a little background information on Sun Basket and what they provide:


Sun Basket is a new healthy meal kit service based out of San Francisco that delivers organic ingredients and easy, delicious recipes for cooking at home.


Each week, their chef develops an array of quick, healthy recipes to choose from, including Paleo, Gluten-free and Vegetarian options. They source top-quality organic produce from the best West Coast farms and sustainably-sourced meats and seafood – the kind of food you can feel good about eating.  Plus, their packaging is 100% recyclable, and you can even return the materials to us—free—so we can recycle and reuse them.

So, I gave Sun Basket a try and picked three meals off their website. I picked the Quinoa and White Bean Burgers with Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Thai Style Code with Cilantro-Lime Sauce and Grapefruit Slaw, and Chipotle Roasted Chicken Wings with Sweet Potatoes and Salsa Verde.

Everything came in a box with the proteins on bottom and the bags of ingredients on top. The box also comes with individual recipe cards for each meal and its’ nutrition facts.


Each bag contains all the ingredients you need for that particular meal. It’s perfectly portioned out, which is awesome.


Let’s start with the Quinoa and White Bean Burgers.

The quinoa burgers were the most work since I had to grate carrots and chop a few things, but overall, pretty darn easy.



When I first saw the ingredients in the bag, I honestly didn’t think it would be enough food for my husband and I (we are eaters), but it totally was. I guess it comes back to that saying, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” The food was absolutely enough.





So, these were supposed to make 2 (probably large) burgers, but I made three since there were three of us.

greek yogurt and dill sauce

greek yogurt and dill sauce


We aren’t vegetarians, but I wanted to try a vegetarian meal to give them a fair review. I really liked these burgers! They came with a little spice packet that just made them delicious. I’ve never made any veggie burger before and they were so much easier than I thought. I really like white beans and the quinoa gave it a slight crunch. I would HIGHLY recommend these.

Next up, the Thai Style Cod!



I think out of the three meals, this was my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, I just found the other two meals had more flavor. The cod is a great choice for someone watching calorie intake. Cod (like most fish) is low cal, high protein-great choice for those trying to lose some lb’s.


This meal was really easy. Chopping up the foods for the salad and sauce was the most time consuming part and it probably took about 10 minutes. The fish cooks within like, 6 minutes, so easy, quick dinner!




I absolutely love thai food and flavors so the sauce that came with it was great on top of the fish.


Finally, the Chipotle Chicken Wings.

This isn’t something I would usually pick because chipotle typically means spicy and I’m not a spicy foods person. My husband, on the other hand, is, so I picked this one for him. Aren’t I a nice wife? 🙂

This meal was crazy easy. The hardest part was cutting up the sweet potato, so pretty minimal work involved. I even cooked everything on the same pan-chicken wings, sweet potatoes, and onion!



I wasn’t so sure about the onion at first, but it was delicious with the potatoes.


My father in law was here to enjoy these and he was a HUGE fan. The chipotle sauce was incredibly tasty. It had bite to it, but also nice sweetness (probably from BBQ sauce?).



So, my overall opinion of the food (and my husband and father in law’s) was that each meal tasted great! The food is high quality, the recipes are creative and delicious, and everything is laid out for you so it’s very easy to make your meal.

Here’s a little more information on how it works and pricing:

  • Weekly delivery of fresh pre–measured ingredients and 3 recipes.
  • Choose your own recipes each week, or select the perfect meal plan for you.
  • Chef’s Choice, Vegetarian, Paleo–Friendly and Gluten–Free options.
  • Change your recipes by clicking on My Menu once you’re logged in.
  • Meals cost $11.49 per person.
  • 2-person plan: $68.94/week,
    4-person plan: $137.88/week,
    6-person plan: $206.82/week.
  • Skip any week or cancel at any time.

So, it’s actually very affordable. My initial instinct was something like this would be over the top expensive, but it’s really not.

Anyway, on to the **giveaway**!

One reader will win 3 meals (each meal serves 2 people). It’s just so awesome NOT to have to plan dinner and instead, whip up a delicious meal. This is a giveaway you definitely want to win!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is enter your email into the rafflecopter giveaway widget below. Easy Peasy.

The giveaway is starting today, 10/8 and ending 10/15.
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Good luck!

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