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Workout Finisher

Hey yo! What’s goin on folks?

First and foremost, I’m writing this on my iPad so please forgive any misspellings. Now let’s dive in.

This workout is meant to be a “finisher” meaning you can add it to the end of your regular workout. Of course, you could also just do this as your workout if you were short on time. Instead of 12 minutes, you could shoot for 20 minutes or so. But if you’re using it as a finisher, perform as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes!


First up: squat thrusters!

Squat Thrusters– Also known as snap jumps, squat thrusts, probably some other things? Anyway, start in plank position (arms straight), then jump legs towards your hands, then back into plank position, and back towards hands, etc. etc. for 15 reps. I hate these.




Kettlebell Swings- Grab a heavy bell and use both arms for these swings.¬†¬†Here’s a link with more info on the swing (shows it as single arm).

Mountain Climbers– 20 reps on both legs!

Kettlebell Snatches– 10 reps on each arm. Choose a weight that’s sort of middle range. You want to be able to perform the ten reps, but make sure it’s difficult! Here’s a link with more info on the Kettlebell snatch!


Definitely take a look at the links (and probably watch videos) if you have any uncertainty on how to use the kettlebells. If you’re not totally comfortable, feel free to sub in different exercises. No Kettlebell injuries!

I love the concept of a workout finisher because it’s sort of like a last hurrah for your workout. The end is near, so go hard! It’s also kind of nice because (ideally) it involves exercises different than the ones you’ve been doing for your “regular” workout.


Have you you tried a workout finisher? Let me know if you give it a try!

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