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HIIT Home Workout

I got another home workout for you guys!

Im posting this on my iPad, so forgive any typos or weirdness. We are sitting in a hotel in Denver headed to the airport in a couple of hours. We left the night before because apparently we are supposed to get a major snowstorm today up in the high country so the highway is probably no Bueno.

Hotels are basically torture, by the way, with little kids. Our three year has the hardest time sleeping in these places. I’m not sure if the new place excites her or having her parents soooo close in proximity is distracting, but it’s rough. Sleep is nonexistent. Ugh.

Anyway, enough complaining! We are headed to Phoenix and I am excited for some nice weather! I’m hoping to get outside and do some running and maybe family mountain hikes too!

I do have another quick, Bodyweight workout though for those busy days I (or you) can’t get outside. Like I said, it’s only Bodyweight so no equipment necessary. You’ll just need a timer!

Perform the first move for 1 minute, then move onto 30 seconds of the cardio move. You can perform the entire thing 1 to 3 times.


Just a few moves…but should still burn! Performing anything for a minute is usually pretty tough.

Let me know if you try it! Merry Christmas and happy travels to you all!

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