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Upper Body Bench HIIT *New Workout*

Yes sir! New workout is up! I tried this workout last week and had a grand old time. My biceps are actually still sore (I worked out Friday and today is Sunday..not too shabby, right?).


So, this is a “bench” HIIT because for the HIIT part of the workout, you’ll be using a bench. I used a regular old bench found at a gym, but you could use a box or I guess anything you can safely jump over and jump on top of.

I wanted to take some pictures to show you guys each move, but honestly just didn’t get around to it so I’ll post pics found around the web (sourced, of course). Let me break it down for you:

This workout is composed of 3 supersets. Perform the first exercise immediately followed by the second, then perform the HIIT portion for 30 seconds (or a minute if you’re feeling extra badass). Complete 3 rounds of each superset, then move onto the next.


Incline Bicep Curls

Grab a pair of heavish weights. For example, I used 15lb. For me that’s heavy. Grab whatever is heavy for you! Set your bench at an incline, like 5 for example. Then just perform bicep curls! I did about 8 reps..or basically as many as I could with 15lb. weights.



Skull Crushers

Triceps! Flatten out your bench and lay down on it. You will probably need to choose lighter weights for these, by the way.

Hold both weights straight out in front of your chest. From there, bend your elbows so your hands end up by your ears, then press back to straight.



Bench Hop-Overs

These are rough! You’ll love ’em :).

Straighten out the bench. Stand next to the bench, then place both hands on it. Next, hop over the bench, then back again.



Next Superset:

Front Raises Overhead

You might be familiar with front raises. These are basically those except…keep going!!

Grab some dumbbells and raise them in front of you to shoulder height. Keep on raising them until they’re overhead, then back down again.

This pic is shown with a weight plate, which you can definitely use. Or grab some dumbbells.



Chest Press

A classic!

Lay down flat on the bench  and grab some heavy weights (but be careful). Bring them up straight in front of your chest and from there, drop them down at your sides bending elbows to about 90 degrees. Then press back to starting position.




Toe Taps on Bench

Remember ball taps back in your soccer days? This is the same idea.

Stand next to the bench and jump off one foot, tapping the other foot on the bench, then switch back and forth



Final Superset:

Bent Over Rows

Grab some dumbbells (or a barbell) and stand up. From there, hinge forward at the waist and pull your arms back keeping your elbows at 90 degrees. Think about pinching your shoulder blades together, that will help.



Dumbbell Pullover

Grab a heavy dumbbell. Instead of laying down the bench like you normally would, lay across it resting your head and neck on the bench and using your glutes to keep your hips up.

Raise the dumbbell up in front of your face. From there, lower it behind your head or to where it’s comfortable, then raise back over head.



Bench Jumps

This is exactly how it sounds! Stand next to the bench then jump up onto it, landing softly, then hop off.

bench jumps



And there you have it, folks.

Like I said, I tried it this past week and was huffing and puffing throughout and THAT is the idea! HIIT workouts are all about keeping your heart rate up and burning major cals. It’s a nice departure from boring treadmill jogs. 🙂

Let me know if you try it and what you think!




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