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Heavy Kettlebell HIIT

New workout day!

I wanted to create a lower body workout that uses heavy weights. It’s easy to underestimate what kind of weight you can move especially when you’re a chick. Your legs are made up of the biggest muscles in your body…put those babies to use! Not only will they grow stronger, but you’ll be torching tons of calories.

It’s tough to go heavier when using free weights or in this case, kettlebells. Barbells are great for adding on more and more weight. That being said, you can still push yourself and the weight you typically use when picking up kettlebells. My challenge to you for this workout is to challenge yourself. if you usually pick a 25lb. KB for squats, pick a 30 or 35. Go as heavy as you can and perform as many reps as possible. You can always drop down in weight. Here’s the workout:



You’re going to perform each set (the 2 exercises paired together) as a superset with a total of 5 rounds. Yessss 5 rounds. Your leggies should be jello. Once you finish your fifth round, move on to the next set of exercises. As you can see, this workout is a leg exercise paired with 30 seconds of a classic double KB move. If you’re not comfortable using two KB at once, you can do these with one arm (switch at 15 seconds).

Here’s a breakdown of a few of the exercises:

First up: kettlebell squat.


My three year old demanding more popcorn. I swear kids can sense when you’re trying to do something NOT related to them. They must have a radar.


This Kettlebell was heavy for me: 80 pounds.

There are different variations of a KB squat, but since I’m using one very heavy weight, I kept the weight in front of me the whole time and squatted from there. Just make sure NOT to round your back. With each squat, I would tap the Kettlebell on the ground then lift back up.


Kettlebell Deadlift (single leg or both)



So, I’m showing this as a single leg deadlift. SL deadlifts are more difficult since you’re really isolating one muscle AND throwing in balancing on one foot. If you’re up for the challenge, try SL. Just keep in mind that you’re hinging forward at the hip, keeping back straight, then really using that standing leg (hamstring and glute) to bring yourself up to standing. Don’t forget to keep your hips square too.

If you’re doing a regular deadlift with both legs, the same rules apply (back straight, hinge at the hips). Choose a weight that’s heavy and challenging for you!

Goblet Squats



Grab a KB that’s heavy, but light enough that you can hold it up in front of your chest. For this entire exercise you will be holding that KB in front of your chest. Try not to rest it on your body. Yes, your arms will start to burn a bit along with those legs.

Your legs are slightly wider than hip distance apart with feet turned out (see above). Squat down as low as you can go…ass to the grass 🙂 while keeping proper form. So, whatever is low enough for you.

Here’s a link for descriptions on the other exercises (those are tough to take pictures of):


I hope you try it! Let me know what you think!


By by the way, who watched the Super Bowl? Probably every person in this country? Can we talk about the best part? Yes, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Oh and Coldplay was there too..ha! I think we’d all be ok with Beyoncé just doing the show every year…right? Right.

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