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How to Workout At Home With Kids


Ohhh the challenges of home workouts. They’re actually challenging…period. Kids, no kids, whatever. There are plenty of distractions at home, so it’s easy to convince yourself you should be doing something other than working out. Throw kids into the mix and it can just flat out not work sometimes. That being said, it can be done! 

I actually do most of my workouts at home these days although personally, I’d prefer to be at the gym (for all its’ resources and daycare <— God bless ’em). I do them at home because we live far from the gym and we’ve managed to throw together enough equipment to make for some good workouts.

Some days are better than others. Sometimes, I breeze through my workouts, tear/fight free. Other day, I have to straight up stop my workout and try again later. Most days though, I get through the workout with a few pauses here and there. Here are some strategies I implement to keep the kiddos busy AND happy:

  • Play Music 

This may seem random, but when I throw Pandora on for my kids, they love it! Sometimes I put on my workout station, other times Disney music, whatever it is, they love it. They’re both pretty into dancing so the music keeps them beboppin’ around the room while I get some exercise in.

  • Have Snacks and Drinks Available


There have been many times when I’ve had to stop my workout because someone was hungry. So, before I start, I usually make sure each kid has their drink and a little snack. Then they typically come into my bedroom with me, eat their snack, and listen/dance to music. (see above picture 🙂 ).

  • Keep Workouts Short

I usually only workout for about 30 or 40 minutes-40 is pushin’ it. Some days I do want to do longer workouts., for example, strength training and cardio. On those days, I’ll break the workouts up into a morning workout and late afternoon one-both about 30 minutes.

I’d prefer to bang out an hour long workout at once, and sometimes I do, but when I feel like I can’t pull it off, I’ll break them up.


  • Workout Early in the Morning

Ugh. This is the worst, but can also be the best. If your kids sleep in relatively late, like 7 or 8 (when did this become late??), you could get up at 5:30-6 and get your workout done.

This takes some getting used to, but it is soooo nice to have it done before anyone wakes up. I’m sure you’ve seen this a million other places but it really is true. Then it’s done and it won’t weigh on you the rest of the day.

I don’t personally do this often. Ha! I don’t because my 1 year old wakes up so damn early. Lately, its been 5:30. So, nope, not waking up at 4 to workout. But if your kids sleep later, try it!


  • Turn the TV On

That’s right I said it. Mother of the year here. Sometimes my kids watch TV. Well, really just the 3 year old. The baby isn’t really interested, which is fine.

I feel guilty about this sometimes, like I’m plopping my kid in front of the TV to get rid of her. But in my opinion, 30 minutes (or even longer) of TV is not going to hurt her. Sometimes, the alternative is I try to workout, she drives me nuts, I get mad…etc. etc. At least in this scenario, no one is upset. She watches a little TV, I get to workout. A win-win.


  • Be Flexible

Sometimes, ya gotta throw in the towel. If it’s pretty obvious the little one needs a nap, then I’ll call it a day and let her rest. It’s just not worth the fight of getting in that 30 minutes. On a good day, I can try again later in the day.


There you have it! That’s what helps me get through my workouts at home. I’m sure things change a bit based on your kiddos ages, etc. Do you workout at home with kids? Any advice?


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