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28 Minute Hotel Gym Workout

Hello friends! How are things?

I sort of disappeared for a couple of weeks, right? The fam and I went to California for almost 3 weeks. That’s right. Pretty epic. It was a great trip! We saw lots of family, showed off our kiddos to some friends, and even enjoyed a wedding sans children. It was a nice, long trip, but we’re happy to be home and back into our regular routine.

Speaking of routine, trips can definitely throw you off your game when it comes to workouts and eating right. I feel like there’s always so much to do, so many people to see, delicious foods to eat, etc. that the time flies by and you find yourself missing your regularly scheduled workouts.

Like I said, my husband and I were able to sneak away for a wedding weekend. We stayed at a hotel, so I definitely tried to make the most of their gym. Most hotel gyms are pretty weak, but hey, at least it’s something! This hotel actually had a few items that were really helpful like a bosu ball, swiss ball, cable machine, and (small) weight rack.


I put together a couple workouts for our time there and they were actually really hard!! (<—my husband was not a fan). No slacker hotel workouts here! Of course, you can do this workout at your regular gym or even at home if you have some equipment. Here’s a breakdown:

There are two sets of exercises. Perform the first set of 4 moves as many times as possible in 7 minutes. Once your timer goes off, head into the next set of exercises (for 7 minutes). Then repeat the whole thing one more time for a total of 28 minutes.  This workout structure (the 7 min. chunks) is basically how Kayla Itsines outlines her workouts.

Round 1 

Ten reps for each exercise

  • Squat with Cable Shoulder Press
  • Skater Jumps with Medicine Ball Twists (10 reps both sides)
  • Reverse Lunge with Cable Row (10 reps both sides)
  • Bench Jump with Burpee

Round 2

  • Lunge Jumps with Medicine Ball Twist
  • Swiss Ball Roll-Ins with Leg Lift
  • Bosu Burpee
  • Pushups with Medicine Ball

Some of these sound a little complicated so I’m going to break them down further:

Squat with Cable Shoulder Press- So, you’re going to need a cable machine, which can be found at probably any gym.



This is basically the same thing as a squat and press, which is typically done with free weights. Instead, you’re pressing with the cables. (If you don’t have this machine accessible, you can use free weights). So, you’re going to stand in between the cables with them set pretty low (you’re facing away from the machine).

Squat down, grab the cable handles and bring up above your shoulders. Once you stand, press the weight up, then squat back down. Repeat.

Skater Jumps with Medicine Ball Twist- Grab a medicine ball (or 1 free weight). Starting on the left foot, jump to the right landing on your right foot (try to keep the left off the ground), and twist the medicine ball to the right. Jump off the right foot back to the left twisting to the left.

Reverse Lunge with Cable Row– Start in front of one of the cable handles. Hold the handle with your right hand. Lunge your right leg back and when you come back to standing, row the cable, then right back into the lunge.

Bench Jumps with Burpee- Stand in front of a bench or sturdy box. From there, jump onto the bench, landing lightly with knees slightly bent. Then jump back onto the ground and immediately perform a burpee. Repeat.

Lunge Jumps with Medicine Ball Twist- Grab a medicine ball. Start in the lunge position with right foot in front holding the medicine ball at chest level. Jump up and switch legs so the left foot is in front. Twist the medicine ball to the left. Repeat.

Swiss Ball Roll-Ins with Leg Lift-  This is an ab exercise. Get into pushup position, placing your feet on top of a swiss ball. From there, use your abs and legs to roll the ball in towards you, then roll back out. Once back out, lift one leg, then the other, squeezing your glutes. Repeat the roll-ins.

Bosu Burpee- Grab a bosu ball, black side facing you. Lift it up over your head and perform a burpee with it. So, you’ll bring the bosu ball to the ground, jump out into pushup position, jump back towards the bosu, then come back to standing and lift the bosu overhead.

Pushups with Medicine Ball- Grab a medicine ball and get into pushup position placing one hand on the medicine ball and the other on the floor. Perform a pushup, then roll the ball to the other hand and perform another pushup. Switch back and forth.


Sometimes these exercises are difficult to explain in text so if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email!

This was a great, hard workout. Exactly what I was looking for! I hope you try it!




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