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Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Spice Balls

I’ll just start by saying these are both toddler friendly AND adult friendly. Also, hi!

It’s been a while, right? Sorry about that. I swear I get busy, time flies, and suddenly it’s fall (dangerously close to winter here in Colorado). Is anyone else experiencing that? Or is it only us crazies living at 8,000 feet? It actually snowed in September. What the hell is that about?! But, today, it’s lovely so no complaints.

Snow in September

I guess it’s time to put away those deck toys. Ugh. I am NOT ready for winter. I don’t think I ever will be though #summerforlife.

We’ve been having fun though! Going on hikes, celebrating birthdays (hello 33), hittin’ up pumpkin patches, and visiting with family.

(Snapchat is officially my favorite by the way.)


33rd birthday







Can we talk about the attitude on this girl? She don’t take no shit from no one. ?

This chilly fall weather just screams “bake!” To me…anyone else? I made two banana breads on Sunday actually. Two delicious, not remotely healthy, banana breads. Sometimes ya gotta stick to what works. My husband always rolls his eyes at me when I take a recipe and try to make it healthy. I have to admit, a lot of times, it just doesn’t work.

I’m talking all about baking but these balls are no-bake..even better, right? Don’t we all appreciate recipes that are a little less work?

These little balls are not only toddler friendly (as in they will actually eat them), but they can also help you in the kitchen. There’s nothing dangerous involved, just potential stickiness ?. My four year old actually rolled them into “snakes” initially. Then her unfun mom went back and rolled them into balls. Here’s the recipe:

Pumpkin spice balls

Super easy! You could substitute regular oats if you don’t have GF (or you love gluten), use peanut butter instead of almond, honey instead of maple syrup, and of course, leave out the chocolate chips if you want less sugar. I love snack balls because you can really customize them however you want. To make them more “adult friendly” you could add some protein powder too.

Let me know if you try them!

How’s your weather? Does it feel like fall where you are?


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