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Protein Packed French Toast?

After an incredible weekend of stuffing my face with probably not so healthy foods…I started my Monday off (hopefully) the right way. I attempted chocolate protein pancakes this morning. It’s a pretty simple, yummy looking recipe that I found on Peanut Butter Fingers…unfortunately, I was missing a key ingredient: cottage cheese.

So, me, being the creative chef that I am, substituted milk for cottage cheese. As my perceptive husband pointed out, milk and cottage cheese don’t exactly have the same textures.

But I blended the milk, protein powder, and egg whites anyway. Well, more like whisked.

i know what you're thinking...chocolatey goodness

i know what you're thinking...chocolatey goodness

Since things weren’t lookin’ too appetizing at this point…I decided to try french toast instead of pancakes. So, I used 2 pieces of wheat bread, dipped them into the protein/milk/egg mixture, and threw them onto the frying pan.

They looked like relatively normal pieces of french toast. After they were through cooking, I added some cinnamon, peanut butter, and a little sugar free maple syrup.

nom nom

nom nom

They actually tasted pretty good! Probably because I’ll eat anything with peanut butter on it…but I would definitely make these again. I’d also love to try the original pancake recipe soon…just need some cottage cheese!

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