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Today’s Long Run

As I mentioned yesterday, today I planned on doing my long run of the week: 9 miles. It’s actually scheduled for tomorrow, but I figured since I didn’t have to work today and my brother and sister in law are in town,I should just get it over with as soon as possible. I went over […]

Upper Body Workout

Today’s workout was part marathon prep and part weight training. I’m having a tough time fitting weight lifting into my schedule with all the running. The issue is, I don’t want to work out and be too sore to run the next day or too tired. But I really don’t want to neglect weight training. […]

Can You Resist My Schweddy Balls?

Growing up, I was a serious Saturday Night Live fanatic. I watched every Saturday night (I was grounded a lot so not much else to do) and watched reruns on Comedy Central. My favorite seasons were early 90’s ones with Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler-the whole crew, and later 90’s with Will Ferrel, Molly […]

I Wanna See Ya Grillz

Today, I had another run scheduled. Get used to these they’re about to take over my life, yay (sarcasm)! Today’s run was a 5 miler. Not too bad, but not too good either. I took this one outside on the Katy Trail. The weather has warmed up a little bit so I thought I’d take […]

Sweet and Savory Lunch

It was back to marathon prep today. Luckily today’s mileage wasn’t too bad. I was supposed to run 3 miles, but ended up setting my timer for 30 minutes. Before the run, I did a plank 3 times holding for 1 minute each. Here were my running stats:

Distance: 3.65 miles

Time: 30:01 minutes

Pace: […]


The title of this post may have given this away…..but I did end up hunting and killing a wild boar this past weekend. It was an incredible experience unlike anything I’ve ever done. Incredible doesn’t necessarily mean “good” or “bad”. Just something I’ll never forget. I’ll start from the beginning…

We got there Saturday and […]



I opted out of gym time today in place of…oh yes….chocolate almond butter. I think both are beneficial for my figure, no? I was inspired by a beautiful recipe from Oh She Glows (again!). Where does the “gathering” come into play here? Well, I’m filing “gathering” the almonds from the grocery store under my […]

The Accidental 8 Mile Run

I had a vision of my trip to the gym yesterday. I was going to run for about 10 minutes to warmup, then lift weights. I decided to push the marathon training kickoff to next week since I’m still feeling a little sick and going out of town this weekend. So, I jumped on the […]

Stop and Go Running

I decided to brave the cold today (literally, the cold I have. In ya face cold!) and go for a short run. I’m no doctor…so I’m not sure running while sick is a great idea…but I’m also not sure it’s a terrible idea…so I guess I’ll find out if I end up in the hospital […]

Spicy Stuffed Chicken

Last night I wanted to make a dinner that was delicious and simple. I’m still feeling a bit sick so honestly, I really wanted to order takeout. But I got myself to the store and picked up a few much needed items like chicken breasts. I’ve mentioned this before…but chicken can become so boring and […]