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Walking Lunge Laps

We tackled yet another CrossFit yesterday. I like to go on CrossFit’s website and randomly pick a workout from their archives. I find a lot of their workouts to be the same, but that might just be because I can only do a handful of the exercises. I guess that’s their thing though: repetitive workouts […]

Variety Pack Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my variety box is….


Congrats Heather, I hope you enjoy the box!

I appreciate all your comments on what you’d like to see in variety boxes. It definitely helps when trying to develop an online store. Speaking of store, these boxes are on sale now! If you are vegan/gluten free […]

Cinnamon Raisin Granola Cookies

There is a chance I may have another awesome giveaway up my sleeve. This one involving a little company called Bob’s Red Mill. It might feature their newest Granola lineup…yes, that means more than 1 flavor. They may have sent me multiple bags of each flavor, meaning there just might be multiple winners :). Not […]

Healthy Movie Snacks

My husband and I went to see Bridesmaid’s on Saturday night (which by the way, was hilarious). We don’t go to the movies that often, but usually when we do, we’re always tempted to buy snacks. There’s something about watching a movie (I don’t know, marketing maybe?), that makes you crave something to chew on. […]

Chia Feva

Chia Britney? Classic.


I couldn’t resist that picture. I’m sure we all remember when Britney shaved her head..obviously they had to make a Britney Chia pet after that! That facial expression is awful! Oh Britney, love that crazy gal.

Anyway, I’m sure at this point, most of you have heard about or […]

Pumping Iron

I flew solo to the gym yesterday. The hub’s was not feelin’ another brutal beat-down Crossfit style and quite frankly, neither was I. I decided to focus on just a few muscles and basically lift as much as I could. Lifting heavier weights is a great way to add strength which I am definitely okay […]

Variety Pack Giveaway!!

So, here at Healthy, Hungry, and Happy, I’ve decided to expand my “business” and open up an online store! It’s in the beginning stages at this point…but basically, I was thinking one day how nice it would be if you could order variety boxes of snack bars. But not just one brand, several brands so […]

Grocery Challenge Update

Since June started on a Wed., today is technically the end of the 2nd week. We had a bit of a funky weekend last weekend because we had company so even though I didn’t hit up the grocery store much, we did eat out quite a bit. Since eating out is not included in my […]

Hard Core

Yesterday, we challenged ourselves to yet another Crossfit. This one seemed pretty simple until I realized we repeat it three times! There’s always a catch with Crossfit; it will never be as easy as you may hope. But that’s why I like it! It kicks my butt every time we do one. Here’s what yesterday’s […]

Chocolate Protein Pudding

I feel like I’m always looking for “healthy” dessert options. I realize fruit would be the perfect “healthy dessert” but really? Fruit? That’s no fun! I need something a little more…dessert like. Fruit’s healthiness is just too obvious. I need something that could go either way: it could be really bad for me…or relatively healthy…but […]