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Short Circuit

Okay, this wasn’t necessarily a “short circuit” but I couldn’t get the movie out of my head, so post title it is! I’m really enjoying this circuit training layout of 3 strength exercises, 1 cardio, 3 strength, 1 cardio, 3 abs, 1 cardio. It’s challenging and it doesn’t get boring. So, yesterday I gave the […]

June Grocery Budget Challenge

Well, June’s almost over. It’s officially time for me to go through all my receipts and see if I made it under or over my grocery budget of $275 bucks. Unfortunately, I already know the answer. I ended up going over! Can you believe it? Well, I can. That last trip to Giant Eagle was […]

Thai Coconut Chicken Curry

Why can’t we live in Thailand? Would that be frowned upon? I mean, by people other than our families, who I assume will miss us? Granted we were on our honeymoon, but when we were in Thailand it was like we didn’t have a care in the world. Because we didn’t. We didn’t sit on […]

321Sculpt Workout Generator

Hi guys! I say this all the time, but I’m constantly looking for new exercises/workouts to incorporate into my gym time. I like keeping things fresh and new because it keeps your body guessing. Back when I was just running all the time, it was pretty clear my body got used to it; it became […]

The Hangover.

We’ve all been there. We go out on the weekend (or weekdays for those extreme party animals) and before the night is over, suddenly we find ourselves…over-served. Of course, by “over-served” I mean bartender’s eagerly refilling your drinks. Obviously, it’s not our faults we are over-served, it’s definitely the bartender’s! 🙂

Since I’m officially an […]

Heavy Lifting

This week I’ve done more heavy lifting in the gym than Crossfitting. I tried the Body for Life style of working out a couple more times including today. I haven’t followed it to a T, but close enough! I think the basic point is to get you to go out of your comfort zone and […]

Grocery Challenge Update #2

June is almost over! That means I’m almost done with my challenge of only spending $275 dollars on groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely plan on extending this challenge to the next several months (if not years) of my life. But one month at a time!

I tried a different grocery store this week. […]

Top 5 Ab Exercises

Okay, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I hate working out my abs! I really want a six pack but don’t want to do any work. Why can’t I just have one? Why can’t I be one of those girls that’s just “naturally” ripped? Maybe in my next life. Since I’m currently […]

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

I was craving something sweet and carbolicious this afternoon, so I decided to whip up a batch of protein pancakes! I found a new recipe in June’s issue of Oxygen magazine. This recipe was so simple and it tasted great. I feel like protein pancakes can be hit or miss. I’m not sure if it […]

Sausage and Egg Burrito

I love breakfast foods. I love them anytime of the day. When we’re looking for a restaurant to eat at, I prefer one that serves breakfast all day. When I feel lazy, I make breakfast (usually eggs) for dinner. That’s why I was psyched to find a recipe in Cooking Light magazine for basically, a […]