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7 Links!

Well, I got tagged, I suppose I’m it. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s a new sensation in the blogging community right now about your favorite posts. Someone from another blog tags you, then you list out your seven links. The links are basically your opinion on your […]

Balls of Fury

Since I’m currently on a health kick ( I say that while drinking an iced coffee with mocha mix in it..oops) I’m having a hard time baking. Obviously, in general, most baked goods are not in the top tier of healthy foods. So, I was really excited when I saw a number of baking recipes […]

Worth the Weight

I suffered a serious beat down today at the gym. I tried another circuit off the Nike app and it kicked my butt! This time around I picked a Get Strong workout out of the intermediate category. This app considers intermediate to be “2-3 workouts a week.” Hm…so according to this, I should be advanced […]

Bob’s Red Mill Granola Giveaway #2!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I had a granola giveaway? Well, I still have enough granola for 2 more giveaways (including this one).

In case you don’t remember, there are 4 flavors I’m giving away: Cinnamon Raisin, Apple Blueberry, Honey Oat, and Natural.

So, this week, 1 person will win 4 bags of […]

Nike Training Club App

I was doing my daily blog reads the other day and read a post on Bess Be Fit about a Nike app. I don’t download too many apps because most likely, I’ll never use them and they’ll just make my phone slow. But I thought this app was too good to pass up. First of […]

The Juice is Loose

We got a juicer! That was the one thing we didn’t register for for our wedding. I heard they weren’t really worth it because it takes so much fruit/veggie to make one glass of juice, which by the way, is kind of true. But since then, I’ve also had a couple friends who have juicers […]

Workin’ the Back

Most week’s when I hit the gym, I do a full body circuit that involves strength training and cardio. Sometimes I concentrate on only strength training and usually pick either upper or lower body. I found a great workout though that concentrates on just a few muscles so I gave it a try. I liked […]

Summer Chicken Salad

I’ve done pretty well this past week in regards to my eats. I haven’t had any samples (or actual whole cookies) at the bakery, I’ve been limiting my carbs at night, and trying to focus on whole, healthy vegetables and fruits. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal since it’s only been a […]

Friday Inspiration

Keeping up with the theme of this week’s post about happy and healthy body weight, I’ve been working on motivation. I know it’s only been a few days, but like I said, I’ve taken things one day at a time and really focused on healthy eating. I’m actually pretty proud of myself and the choices […]

My Wish…

I didn’t work out yesterday so I have no killer workout recommendations. I also didn’t bake or make dinner. Some days, you just don’t feel like it. I’ve felt less and less like baking or making homemade meals since we’ve been in Cleveland. I think it’s because of our kitchen. It’s so small and kind […]