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Chi Bound.


What do these pictures have in common? All taken in Chicago, my favorite city! The hubs and I are headed back this weekend for a friends wedding (congrats Jordan!). Love that city!!

Most of them were also taken on my iphone…fun fact for ya.

(FYI, […]

Spartacus Workout

So, my workouts recently haven’t been very consistent. Some weeks I decide heavy weights is the way to go, other days I think I need to get back to more running. I know variety is great for the body, but I also like having some sort of overall plan or goal, especially since I’d like […]

Protein Cereal

I was stalking some blogs the other day when I came across a recipe on the Fitnessista’s blog for “cookie dough” cereal. Obviously, I’m all about cookie dough anything so I needed to make this immediately! Especially when I realized it’s actually pretty healthy for you and there’s technically not cookie dough involved…bummer.

It’s basically […]

Fall Favorites

It’s so close to my favorite time of year: fall! Or is it technically fall now (guess it depends where you live)…? I have no idea. But either way it was in the 60’s today in the Cleve and felt like fall.

I am definitely a fall kinda gal. I love fall colors, fall foods, […]

Back To School…

So, this week marked the first week back to school for kids here in the Cleve. It’s September 1st and 90 degrees outside, perfect!

I remember growing up and being so excited for the first day of school. I always had a new outfit to wear along with the coolest binders (trapper keeper anyone?) and […]