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Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30, Week 4

I finished Ripped in 30! It was pretty intense, but actually those four weeks flew by.

The fourth week of workouts is, no surprise here, really hard. I have to say, looking back over the entire DVD, every week of workouts is difficult. I could throw on week 1 right now and be huffin’ and […]

Sneaking Spinach into Smoothies

This could potentially sound really disgusting to a number of you. The first time I tried it, I was kinda freaked out. If I ran into a huge piece of spinach while slurping down my smoothie, it would be over between us. Spinach would go back to strictly being in salads.

But honestly, so far, […]

Holiday Weight Gain

I’m sure I speak for all of you when I say: I love the holidays. Seriously, what’s not to love? There’s tons of parties, days off work, visits from family and friends, and endless food and drinks. Who doesn’t love those things?

Unfortunately, as we all know, those things usually come at a price. That […]


Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all had extremely full bellies and were surrounded by the people you love.

We had a great Turkey day. Sort of on a whim we decided to go skiing in the morning so we hit up Vail again (third time this week!). It was actually pretty nice, not too […]

Thanksgiving Prep

Well, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, which I’m pretty sure is the biggest eating holiday of the year. Since that’s the case, preparation is definitely in order.

Unfortunately, we’re not going home (to Phoenix or Northern California) this year so it will just be me and the hubs. Just because it’s only us two does […]

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Quick post because I gotta run. Where to? Oh ya know…just skiing in Vail. 🙂 It’s a rough life I know. I had some overripe bananas laying around and wanted to make something new with them. I love banana bread like crazy but was looking for a new spin on it so why not incorporate […]

Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30, Week 2 and 3

I haven’t done a great job of updating you on the butt whooping I’m receiving from good ol’ Jillian. I’ve stuck with it and just completed week 3. First, I’ll give you a rundown of week 2.

Week 2: Ripped in 30

Week 2 of Ripped in 30 was unfortunately, still really difficult. I say […]

Crock Pottin’

I finally cleaned off the crock pot that’s been in storage for 5 months and put it to good use! I think I’m falling for this crock pot of mine. I love the idea of throwing stuff in it and having dinner already done when I want it! The clean up is easy too, which […]

Flat Abs.

How many magazine articles, internet ads, blog posts, diet books, etc. have you read or seen on flat abs? Seriously, there are probably too many to count, it’s sort of ridiculous. It’s ridiculous, but it’s clearly something people want to know about.

You see these pictures of buffed out chicks with six packs and you’ve […]

Enchilada Casserole.

I never ate much casserole growing up. In fact, the only casserole I remember eating was green bean casserole at Thanksgiving (which I’ve never particularly loved). But there’s something about a casserole that intrigues me: you have everything in one dish! At least, you could if you wanted. You could have veggies, meats, beans, cheese, […]