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Coconut Pumpkin Muffins

I love when I find recipes and I happen to have every ingredient listed. When that happens, I feel like I’m obligated to make it. Usually I’m so close but missing 1 or 2 ingredients and apparently they’re important like… flour…yeah kind of a base for most baking recipes.

I found this recipe in Runner’s […]


I know the title of this post sounds a little intense…it’s really not. It’s just something I deal with on a regular basis so I assume there are others out there like myself.

First off-good news! I recently took a test and..

Passed! I took the NASM test to become a certified personal […]

Dynamic Stretching.

I’m sure we all remember stretching and warming up before P.E. class. Actually, the more I think about it, the more those P.E. coaches may have been onto something. Does anyone else remember doing arm circles? Jumping Jacks? I remember moves like these over static stretches, i.e. holding a stretch in one place for around […]

Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter.

First of all, I just wanted to share with you all that I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest. I feel like I could waste my life away “pinning” and never actually get anything done, but low and behold, I am productive sometimes. I’m sure if you asked my husband he would disagree that […]

Ripped in 30, Week 1

Well, I have some bad news…I am not yet ripped. I’m still pretty…soft. But I guess the DVD does say “in 30” so I’ll have to be patient! That being said, week 1 was no joke. I thought by like, day 4 or 5 my breathing wouldn’t be quite as hard and I’d be mastering […]

Year One.

Well, we made it. We made it to our 1 year anniversary!

first look

first kiss as a married couple!


party time!


leaving the party!

This past year has been pretty epic: we moved 4 times, went to Thailand, oh and got married. Needless to […]

What’s in Season?

It can be somewhat tragic when summer ends: no more beach vacations, no BBQ’s, and no more fresh summer produce. Spring and summer are definitely great times for fresh produce like berries or peaches, but fall actually has quite a bit of selection too. I admit I bought a container of blueberries the other day […]

Perfect Winter Soup.

Is it technically winter? Maybe not in some parts of the country but I feel like it is here! Observe my car this morning:

It’s kind of amazing that there’s snow on the ground here but in Phoenix last week it was still in the 90’s. So, summer there winter here? Since it’s a […]

Marathon Training in Winter.

So, I haven’t really addressed the Boston Marathon in a while mostly because I’m terrified to start training! I’m kind of hoping walking around in deep snow will be enough to get through Heartbreak Hill? I hope that, but I realize it’s not realistic. The reality is where we live now is the perfect place […]