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Monster Zucchini

Hey guys! I have been the worst blogger ever in the history of bloggers-sorry!

To be honest, I’ve been tired lately and the last things I’ve wanted to do were cook or workout. So basically, I had zero material for the blog. This past week I was actually out of town-in San Diego (Coronado) to […]

CrossFit While Pregnant

So the title of this post is a little misleading….I haven’t been doing CrossFit workouts regularly. A part of me wants to, but since I wasn’t doing them before (regularly at least), I’m certainly not going to start now!

However, when I find a “doable” CrossFit workout, I will definitely give it a shot! Yesterday […]

Mini-Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe is awesome. It’s so easy, delicious, and the perfect portion size.

I found the recipe on Pinterest (obviously) but it was originally posted on I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before and these, by no means, are homemade…which is why I made them :). I definitely enjoy homemade foods just like the […]

Lower Body Workout and Running

I haven’t really talked about running much lately because frankly, it hasn’t been happening. I thought for sure that I’d be running throughout my entire pregnancy..including the third trimester. I have to admit, I was a little naive (understandably’s my first time) about the changes your body goes through. Not necessarily the nitty gritty […]

Banana S’mores

I found a genius recipe idea the other night on Pinterest: banana s’mores. I’ve been kinda into s’mores lately-I think it’s the marshmallows; I love the texture! I’ve been buying s’mores ice cream, chocolate chips and marshmallows (just eating those together haha), and I recently went to a wedding where they were roasting s’mores-it […]

All-Natural Sink Cleaner

I mentioned before that I think I’m in a little bit of a “nesting” mode. I’ve been trying to keep our place clean and each day (or every few days) try to really clean certain parts of the place like the bathroom, kitchen, etc. Last night, it was the kitchen sink!

We live in a […]

Rocky Mountain National Park

The hubs and I had a great weekend-we headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park! It was a ton of fun. I’ve never been there before and my husband hasn’t been for years so it was quite an adventure for both of us. Normally, we probably would have camped out in the park but since […]