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12 Days of (Tabata) Christmas- Day 2


Another day another Tabata…get excited folks! This one focuses mostly on your glutes with a splash of quads. It’s another short one so feel free to combine both Tabatas- still only 24 minutes so not too shabby.


Here’s a breakdown of each exercise:

lunge with forward kick– Lunge your right leg back, then swing it forward into a kick, then back to the lunge for 20 seconds. Do 4 rounds on each leg then switch.

Step ups- so, if you’re doing these at home (like me), find yourself a stable surface light a chair or in my case, the side of a fire place. Step up on your right leg, bring your left knee up towards your chest, then left leg down again. Keep your right leg on the surface the whole time and when your come up, try to stay balanced on your working leg. Switch at 4 sets.

single leg hip bridge– come onto your back on the floor and bend your knees. Lift your right leg in the air and keep it there. Lift your butt up, squeezing those cheeks, then back down to the floor. Do 4 sets on the right leg and 4 on the left.

That’s it! Like I said this is a great, short workout you can add to any other workout you’re doing. If you’re crunched for time though, it’s only 12 minutes!

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