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Article Zero Ice Cream Review: Round 2!

(For some reason pictures I took with an iPad show up sideways even though they’ve been edited. I will work on it!)


Dessert is my favorite. Any kind, I’m not picky. The thing about dessert is, as I’m sure you know, it’s not always the healthiest of meals. What a cruel world we live in. Anyway, since dessert is generally loved by all but feared for its’ calorie content, healthier alternatives are a welcome ray of sunshine. That’s where Arctic Zero’s ice cream comes in.

I’ve reviewed Arctic Zero before (link is here). In case you missed that post, here is a brief summary of how their ice cream is different than the rest:

  1. First of all, I’m not sure I should call it ice cream. I guess they refer to it as a “frozen dessert.” That suites it better. This is because it is not ice cream. It comes in a pint like some ice creams so it might trick you, but ice cream, it is not. It is less creamy than your average ice cream.
  2. There are 150 calories in the entire pint (yep, that’s it). I haven’t actually eaten an entire pint (yet) so in a serving, which is 1/2 cup, there are 37 calories. Also in 1 serving, there are 2 grams of fiber and 3.4 grams of protein.  Definitely not your average dessert.
  3. It contains no artificial sweeteners. I really cannot stand the taste of artificial sweeteners so I’m all about this. Arctic Zero sweetens the desserts with monk fruit and organic cane sugar.

The folks at Arctic Zero were kind enough to send me a few pints to try. I’ve only tried coffee and cookies and cream (coffee was my fave) so I was excited to try other flavors.

Arctic Zero Pints

Arctic Zero Pints


Here are the flavors they sent me: Coffee, cookies and cream, coconut, sea salt caramel, and orange cream. First up (in order of my favorite to least favorite), coffee!


Arctic Zero- Coffee 

Arctic Zero Coffee

Arctic Zero Coffee

Still the reigning champ. I love coffee flavored anything though so maybe I’m partial to this flavor. I just find it really has an authentic coffee flavor…not bland, or “watered down.”

Arctic Zero- Sea Salt Caramel


Arctic Zero Sea Salt Caramel

Arctic Zero Sea Salt Caramel

If I was in an ice cream store, I would absolutely ask for a scoop of sea salt caramel so I love that they came out with this flavor. I’ve had a few ice creams that are a sea salt flavor and some are insanely good while others are actually too salty. This has just enough salt. The past few nights I’ve been having some of this flavor and the coffee….delicious!

Arctic Zero- Cookies and Cream

Arctic Zero Cookies and Cream

Arctic Zero Cookies and Cream

If we were talking “real” ice cream, cookies and cream is probably my favorite flavor. Maybe it falls down on my Arctic Zero list because it lacks those delicious cookie pieces and that’s not really fair to Arctic Zero. Overall, it is pretty good. To me, it is a little bland.

Arctic Zero- Coconut 

Arctic Zero Coconut

Arctic Zero Coconut

To be fair, I’m not super into tropical or fruity flavored ice creams so keep that in mind. I do think if you love coconut, you would like this flavor. It is very coconut-y so all of you who love your coconut will not be disappointed. I think coconut and orange cream would be really tasty together. Maybe my dessert tonight?

Arctic Zero- Orange Cream

Arctic Zero Orange Cream

Arctic Zero Orange Cream

This is another type of ice cream flavor I’m not typically obsessed with. In my opinion, Orange Cream was good. It tasted like an orange creamsicle, but a little watered down.


So, my overall opinion of Arctic Zero’s frozen dessert pints is a good one. I think they’re a great substitute for full fat ice cream (or other desserts). When I have it for dessert, I feel satisfied afterwards so it gets the job done. I do think some of the flavors are a little bland, but I’m sure others would disagree with me.

coffee and sea salt caramel

coffee and sea salt caramel

One thing to really keep in mind is it is NOT ice cream. If you let is soften, it has a pretty good texture but it does not have a creamy texture like ice cream. If that is something that might turn you off, maybe it’s not for you. On the other hand if you love your dessert at night (like me) but are trying to clean up your diet, give it a shot! Keep in mind the general flavors you like and buy accordingly.


Cheers to clean dessert!

**If you try Arctic Zero, let it sit out for about 10-15 minutes prior to eating so it can soften up.**

*These are all my opinions. I was not compensated for this review*

4 comments to Article Zero Ice Cream Review: Round 2!

  • Ellen

    I love Arctic Zero!

    It is what it is. You’re buying it because you want something cold and sweet without with calories and you know that you’re totally going to eat the whole pint in one sitting (*raises hand*).

    Coffee is my favorite, mint chocolate is also up there. Strawberry too when I’m in the mood for a fruity flavor.

  • Amy, thanks so much for your detailed review of our Fit Frozen Desserts! We’re so happy you enjoyed everything – especially our coffee pint. We appreciate all of your support and are thrilled to be that healthy ice cream alternative you reach for. 🙂

  • Susan Willis????

    I just ordered arctic zero online and the delivery was great he did not melt in the process of shipping and I put it in the freezer and am enjoying all the flavors now my trick is to put it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds and then let it sit in there for little while and soften up before you eat it it is so good!

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