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Sauteed Red Cabbage

I don’t think I’ve ever bought cabbage before: green, red, whatever other colors. There are certain vegetables that I suppose I like, but I have zero experience with for whatever reason. Cabbage is one of those. Eggplant is too by the way. I like eggplant…but have never bought it. I guess it’s a little intimidating? I don’t know…anyway, on to the cabbage.

I took the plunge last week and bought Practical Paleo:


This book is amazing. It has tons of great recipes, of course, but besides that it also has an incredible amount of information on different foods for different diets. For example, if you had digestion problems, there’s a meal plan for that…if you were an athlete, meal plan for that, weight loss, etc. Pretty nice you can customize your Paleo meal plan specifically for you lifestyle and goals.

This recipe was really easy and turned out great. I chopped up half a red cabbage, added sliced onions, apple cider vinegar, some rosemary, and chopped green apples and cooked it for about 20 minutes. Easy and delicious (here is a link to the recipe).

Can you tell that I’m having fun over here in the kitchen lately? There are so many more recipes I want to try too!

red cabbage

red cabbage


I added the apples after the cabbage softened up.

I added the apples after the cabbage softened up.

I added some raisins to my cabbage dish because I just thought they would work well with the ingredients…and they did!

final product mmm

final product mmm

So, the recipe uses half of a head of cabbage and that was plenty. We had leftovers for a couple days after which was pretty nice.


I’m off to enjoy my Thursday toddler free! Miss Brooke has daycare today :). Would it be weird to hit the bars right after I drop her off?

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