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Review: Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts/every post every, I love me a little treat. Each and everyday, please.

I heard about these coconut butter cups from Julie at I think from her podcast? If you’re a podcast listener, by the way, check her’s out because it’s hilarious. It’s full of fun content (if you’re into Paleo eating/beauty/other random things) but she just cracks me up.

At the time I was satisfying my sweet tooth (sometimes) with Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, which are amazing. I sort of have to watch myself with those things because I will pound a whole bag of ’em. Like, they’re so good they put other regular pb cups to shame. You will never go back.

I loved the idea though of these coconut butter cups because they’re paleo friendly, relatively low in sugar, and chocolate.

Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups

eating evolved coconut butter cups

There are a few different flavors of these cups: original, caramel and sea salt, banana cream, mint cream, and strawberries and cream.

I’ve actually tried all of them except strawberries and cream. I have to say, the banana cream cups surprised me the most; I really liked them!

I’ve liked all the flavors I’ve tried and usually buy a couple of each. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:


eating evolved coconut butter cups

Very simple and straightforward: organic coconut, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, himalayan sea salt, and organic vanilla extract. That’s it!

Obviously if you hate coconut, you probably won’t be a fan. But, if you like coconut, love chocolate, and want to eat clean/paleo, you might just be a fan.


Nutrition Facts:

In 1 cup (there are two in a package):

calories: 131

fat: 11g

carbs: 6g

fiber: 3g

sugar: 4g

protein: 1g

The fat content is on the higher side because coconut has quite a bit of fat in it. I’m personally not concerned with the grams of fat when they’re coming from a natural food source, but if you are, that’s something to keep in mind.

eating evolved coconut butter cups


Taste and Texture:

eating evolved coconut butter cups

I like these!

When I first tried them I think my taste buds were a little shocked by the lack of sweetness because, let’s be honest, other foods shaped like that are extremely sweet. These are made with a dark chocolate though, so they’re a bit more bitter than their milk chocolate/pb distant cousin (or friend…or someone they really don’t know at all).

I love dark chocolate, so I am definitely on board with the dark, slightly bitter taste. I also like coconut. Again, if you hate coconut, you may not love these.

Another thing I actually liked about them is that little taste of salt. They do sell a flavor that’s caramel sea salt and that’s much saltier than the original (also good though), but I like just a tiny hint of salt.



These little cups of yumminess are not cheap. But, if they were, they’d probably be those other cups sold at gas stations…

They are obviously made with higher quality ingredients: organic, quality dark chocolate, etc. So, those higher quality ingredients are reflected in the price. Just is what it is.

I usually pick up a few from Natural Grocer’s and they’re about $2.70(ish)-$2.99.

You can buy them directly from their website and they sell individual bags at $2.99. If you buy a pack of 9 it drops the cost to $2.79 and if you buy an 18 pack, the cost is $2.49.


Where to Buy:

So, I can find a few flavors near me at Natural Grocer’s (they usually sell the original and caramel and sea salt).

They are also sold at Whole Foods, via their website, and possibly Thrive Market online?

You might want to check their website too because they do sell at some smaller natural grocery stores.


Will I Buy Again?

Given the fact that I’ve been buying them somewhat regularly now for about a month…yes, yes I will.

I actually just ordered some from their website because I think that’s a better deal in the end. They are expensive, so I try to pace them out by eating one a day (ha) or even half of one, but I do really like them.

I’d like to try and recreate them at home. That might be a fun recipe to try! I’ll keep you posted.


Have you tried Eating Evolved’s Coconut Butter Cups? What’s your favorite treat?

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