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16 Minute Power Tabata

Ohh baby….this one is a doozy. Tabata workouts are just so great but so awful at the same time. I think they’re pretty deceptive: 20 seconds of work? Doesn’t sound so bad. Eight times through though? Harder than you’d think!

This Tabata is set up a little differently. There are basically 4 different workouts. You […]

*New* Full Body Workout

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Time for a new workout!

This post will be short and sweet since it’s late here (it’s literally 9:15….is that late?) and I’m trying to get our […]

Article Zero Ice Cream Review: Round 2!

(For some reason pictures I took with an iPad show up sideways even though they’ve been edited. I will work on it!)


Dessert is my favorite. Any kind, I’m not picky. The thing about dessert is, as I’m sure you know, it’s not always the healthiest of meals. What a cruel world we live […]

12 Days of (Tabata) Christmas- Day 2

Another day another Tabata…get excited folks! This one focuses mostly on your glutes with a splash of quads. It’s another short one so feel free to combine both Tabatas- still only 24 minutes so not too shabby.

Here’s a breakdown of each exercise:

lunge with forward kick- Lunge your right leg back, then […]

12 Days of (Tabata) Christmas

I’m really looking forward to traveling for the holidays. We are headed to California so definitely can’t complain about that! No beach time but assuming no snow either so I’ll take it!

Visiting family and friends is always a good time. ┬áThere is just so much to do and people to see, which is great! […]

Avoiding (some) Temptation at Holiday Parties

I want to eat all the treats. ALL THE TREATS! I also want to continue losing baby weight. Why can’t I have both? Sad for me.

Holiday parties are the best. You get to dress up a little fancier than usual, sip on pretty drinks, taste tons of different delicious foods, and if you’re lucky, […]

Gift Ideas for the Fitness Buff

Christmas is so soon! Once again, time is flying by. Crazy.

Speaking of Christmas, I have not bought one Christmas present. I’m pretty much relying on Amazon Prime at this point which may be risky. Isn’t Amazon Prime the best thing ever? If you’re not on it, sign up immediately!!

If you’re like me though […]

Quick Full Body Burner

Well, the snow has started! It actually started like, two weeks ago, but its been coming down nonstop for a few days now. Is it seriously only November? Boo.

We had a good weekend anyway! When the sun came out, we got out for some walks. I did a few home workouts which have yet […]

Cardio Shoulder Scorcher

Scary name huh? I thought we needed a little drama in our lives. This workout is awesome. It really is a shoulder scorcher so heads up! There’s also 30 minutes of cardio but it’s broken up into ten minute segments. I like to break up the pain.



I did 2 treadmill […]

20 Minute Tabata

Hi guys! I have a great workout for you today. I did this workout last week and it was enough for me. I’m tellin’ you, Tabata workouts are killer.

I did two different Tabata workouts: one on the treadmill and one lower body focused.


1st Round:

-Box jumps- So, 20 seconds of box […]