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Shrimp Taco’s

Yesterday was all about getting back into the swing of things. One major “to do” on my list is ordering a new passport for Thailand. Yesterday, I went by Walgreens to have passport pictures taken. Well, they turned out pretty beat (no surprise there) but while waiting for the photos, I got to experience a […]

New Year’s Goals

I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! This time last year I was living in Chicago, braving the tough winter, looking forward to our wedding, and considering physical therapy school in Northern California. Our life took a slight detour when we decided that Dallas would be best for our family’s future. That being said, […]

Back in the Big D

I’m finally back in Dallas after a wonderful Christmas break in California. I had a great time! This was my first Christmas ever with my husband Cliff (we’ve been dating for 6 years!) so that was nice. Not only were his parents there, but also one set of Grandparents and one of Cliff’s brother’s and […]

Cottonwood Christmas 2

We had a great Christmas here in Cottonwood! We had an incredible amount of presents under the tree…and managed to rip through all of them! I was lucky enough to receive the Vibram 5 fingers and a new heart rate monitor! I’m so excited to try all the new gear.

It’s a little muddy here…so […]

Cottonwood Christmas!

After an incredibly long trip (and early morning-waking up at 4!), I am officially in California. The weather’s not terrific here, but I definitely can’t complain. Cliff and I were the first to arrive…last night the New Mexico grandparents came in…and tomorrow my brother and sister in law.

We walked through the door Monday to […]

Recent Workouts

Yesterday was a great workout day for me. I decided to attempt a long run around White Rock Lake.

White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX

I set my Nike Plus to 60 minutes and told myself to run as much as I could…but take breaks if necessary. I’m proud to say I didn’t take […]

Vinyasa Yoga and Spaghetti Squash

So, the other day I tried out a new yoga studio with a friend. They were having an incredible deal- 10 classes, for 10 dollars. The studio was Uptown Yoga. The studio itself was really great- spacious and modern. I enjoyed the class too. It was what I want out of a yoga class. I […]

Protein Packed Breakfast

Ok….two things were on my mind for this morning’s breakfast: stay away from chocolate peanut butter…..and left over wild boar sausage. I decided to fry up some eggs and sausage! Hey, I did have a vegetarian meal last night…I need the protein right?

In order to start things off right…I brewed some coffee. I picked […]

Chocolatey Banana Goodness

Since microwaving my apple the other day…I’ve been thinking up other fruit I can microwave for a tasty dessert. Tonight was banana night. I cut up 1 banana and microwaved it for about 30 seconds. Then…..added the delicious, amazing, chocolate peanut butter.

oh yaaaa

This was all the dessert I needed. No ice […]

Quinoa with Pate a La Shamah

No, I have no idea what the name of this dish means. I’m sure something very exciting and sexy. Tonight’s dinner came from my friend Tracie (the yogini). She’s been in the process of doing a 5 day cleanse called the Super Cleanse. It sounded interesting to me because it actually allows you to eat […]