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“Hard Body” Workout

My workout today came from a fitness book I’ve had for a couple months. It’s The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises (I bought the book on Amazon, but I’m sure you can find it in any bookstores). It’s a really great book filled with variations on any and every exercise. It splits up the […]

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

Dessert for breakfast? Sort of.

So, I have a weakness for, turns out, a lot of things. One of those things…is peanut butter. I was strolling through the grocery store yesterday and somehow hit the jackpot. I saw an incredible variety of flavored peanut butters. This was pretty exciting…but I tried to tell myself “I […]

Wild Pig Sausage

So, I realize in my last post I mentioned I would be trying some vegetarian meals now that Cliff is gone. Well, I haven’t followed through on that quite yet (but I definitely plan to tomorrow I swear!). Tonight, I decided to cook up some wild pig sausage that Cliff and I made.

I’ll start […]

Another Delicious Breakfast…

Just a little “food porn” to tide you over until my next post…..some leftover pumpkin pancakes. This time with half a banana and of course, maple almond butter.

If you only try one thing from this website, I highly recommend the almond butter. It is so good I can’t get enough of it! […]

Kale Chips

Tonight was yet another first for me: making kale chips. I’ve only had kale stir fried, which is pretty good. I usually cook it with some chopped garlic, olive oil, and salt. But I’ve seen multiple recipes on “kale chips.” I wasn’t expecting something that could compete with actual chips….but as it turns out…these came […]

Running Motivation

The past few months, my motivation for running has slowly dwindled. Well, I guess I should say my motivation for running a race. I’ve checked a couple races out and keep meaning to sign up for one….but the drive just hasn’t been there. I keep looking back at myself and my state of mind when […]

Manhandled by CrossFit

I received an email yesterday with the subject line stating, “Do you have the guts?” The email came from my brother in law and was referring to a CrossFit from a couple of days ago. When I saw these provoking words…immediately I decided, “Yes! Of course I have the guts.” Then I read the CrossFit.


Pumpkin Pancakes!

I’ve had a couple cans of pumpkin sitting in my kitchen for weeks now with the intention of making pumpkin pancakes at some point. Every day I wake up and debate with myself: should I make pancakes this morning? Usually, I decide, no not today…it takes too much time…I’m too hungry…too lazy…etc. Not today my […]

Sweet N’ Sour Chicken

Tonight’s dinner recipe came from one of my fabulous sister in law’s. It’s a recipe for sweet and sour chicken. It’s ridiculously easy and really good. You only need a couple of ingredients:

Apricot or Orange Preserves. Sometimes I buy sugar free…but it can taste a little funky. Tonight, I used regular apricot. Jar of […]

Today’s Workout and Other Shenanigans

Wow, today was a productive day! I was highly caffeinated and ready to take on Christmas! First thing was finishing and mailing all of our Christmas cards-done and done (all 148 of them!). Next was shopping for presents, gathering boxes for shipping, and starting to wrap! During my Christmas expedition…I stopped in Anthropologie to pick […]