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2 Weeks!

That’s right….two weeks from tomorrow is race day! 2 weeks from today I’ll be pickin’ up my number and gettin’ my race gear ready. I am excited for the race. They are always fun in their own special way…usually the most fun is when they’re over and you can grab a beer :). I haven’t […]


‘Twas the night before my 20 mile run….and all through the house…there was 1 creature stirring…mostly because she has to wake up at 6 am and run 20 miles tomorrow!! Ahhhh! This is a scary story, I forgot to mention that part.

This week has been a countdown to the dreaded morning of 20 miles […]

Hot In Cleveland

I’ll get to the title of this post in a minute. But first, breakfast!

I’ve only tried overnight oats twice and they were pretty plain, but there was something about them that I really liked. They were thick and creamy like regular heated oatmeal, but believe it or not, tasted pretty good cold. It sounds […]

When The Cat’s Away…

The mouse (me!) will play! By play, I mean make a vegetarian dinner! My carnivore husband is out of town (that’s a long story) so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and try out a vegetarian entree. I was flipping through an issue of Self magazine and found a recipe for coconut walnut […]

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

I’m closin’ in on the last few weeks of marathon training. This week is my longest run, 20 miles! It’s intimidating, but afterwards I feel like I’ll be physically and mentally ready for the race. Besides the 20 mile run (which I’m planning for Saturday) I have three days of 5 mile runs this week. […]

Leftover Roasted Chicken

Do you ever buy those whole, roasted chickens at the grocery store? We buy them every now and then since they’re easy and delicious. We usually just eat them as is with a couple of sides. But since we had chicken a few nights ago, I wanted to use the rest of the leftover roasted […]

“Gun Show” Workout

I made up the name of this workout because it definitely works those guns (those tiny little pistols of mine)! Since my lower half was too sore to even think about working, I stuck to my upper body. I wanted to focus on a few muscle’s and work them until failure. So, I picked my […]

Nuts About Coconut

Do you go through phases of smells or tastes that you love? I definitely do. I went through a major peanut butter phase which (luckily) has simmered down a bit lately. As far as smells are concerned, I went through a major Victoria’s Secret Love Spell phase (which I still love) and before that, The […]

Kicking and Screaming (and Running)

I did it! I finally got up when my alarm went off (6 a.m. Sunday morning) and went for my 18 mile run. Uhhh 18 miles, doesn’t that just sound miserable? Well, it is more or less :). I’m kidding, it actually wasn’t that bad. I just had to do it and I’m happy I […]

8 Mile.

Following the schedule of the 18 mile long run week, one of the “shorter” runs is 8 miles. It’s funny when 8 miles is considered a short run because it is definitely not. I set out Thursday morning (I actually got up!) and started my run. I have to admit, early morning runs are really […]