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When to Quit

As I mentioned earlier, my goal for today was 8 miles. As the hours passed, I decided I would actually run 5. So, around 1 in the afternoon (not a good time to run. Full sun does not help) I set out for my run. Right when I started I could tell this was not […]

Training Tuesday

Back to the marathon training schedule! Well, sort of. Technically, I should be running 5 miles, 3 days this week with a long run of 20 miles. I’m changing it slightly: 5 miles, 2 days this week, 8 miles 1 day, and 18 for the long run. I actually wanted to try the long run […]

Thai Sticky Rice

So, remember my post on cutting down on carbs? Well, with that in mind, we decided to make some thai sticky rice :). I told you I wasn’t completely cutting them out!

We received a package from one of Cliff’s friends a few days ago who is from Thailand. She sent us a bag of […]

150 Squats

Ahhh Crossfit…you get me every time.

I found out this morning that I had to work tonight so suddenly, my big plans for the day changed (my big, really cool plans that I had…ha!). I still had time to fit in a workout but didn’t want to go run right in the middle of the […]


Cliff and I watched an interesting (and clearly low budget) documentary a couple nights ago called “Fat Head.” It’s a movie responding to the documentary “Super Size Me.” As we all know, “Super Size Me” is about Morgan Spurlock’s journey through fast food eating and how it effects his body. I’m sure everyone knows the […]

Today’s Workout

What a boring title, I know. I couldn’t think of anything catchy so “today’s workout” it is! I wanted somewhat of an easy workout today since I did such a long run yesterday, so I decided to do some abs and arms. Arms are definitely my favorite part to work out, specifically my shoulders. There’s […]

Running Etiquette

As I mentioned before, today was my official long run day. I set out for 16 miles and actually completed all 16! Don’t get me wrong, I walked every now and then, but I finished the distance. I set my alarm for 7 and rolled out of bed at 7:30. Looking back, I probably should […]