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37 Weeks.

Full term! Finally.

Obviously, I haven’t had her yet. I was a little concerned last week when I was getting sick that she was going to come early but nope! She’s just playing games with me..which is fine. As much as I want to meet her, I want her to get big and strong before […]

Body Weight Circuit

This week has been a little slow in the gym department. Usually I try to go in the mornings but we had a doctor’s appointment one morning (which was great!), then yesterday I had to take our car in to get worked on. Today, I finally got my buns out of bed and to the […]

Post Pregnancy: Looking Forward To…

Okay, so first I’ll start by stating the obvious: I am absolutely without a doubt looking forward to holding our new baby. I can’t wait to meet her and squeeze her fat little cheeks..and thighs, and butt, and feet ). Hopefully, this is a given.

Besides basking in newborn glory, there are a few other […]

36 Weeks.

9 months folks!! It’s crunch time!!

This week has been odd for me. Sorry if I’m giving you guys too much information, but just in case you’re pregnant, were pregnant, or planning on it someday, maybe you’ll be able to relate? Monday I felt perfectly fine, then suddenly got sick…as in throwing up :(. No […]

Pregnancy CrossFit Workout

So, this is almost a basic CrossFit style workout. I just tweaked it slightly to suit my current body which is that of a 36 week pregnant woman.  If you’re a beginner, you could definitely try this exactly how I did it. If not, I’ll give you the real version too.

In the past two […]

Zucchini Fries

I use the term “fries” loosely on this one. They’re still zucchini’s so don’t get too excited (nothing can replace actual french fries), but honestly, these are pretty darn good.

I’m trying to be creative with zucchini recipes since we have a ton to go through. After all, sautéing zucchini every night might get old. […]

35 Weeks.

35 weeks!! Only 5 to go!! That is insane. Seriously, it’s August…where did the summer go? Before we know it snow will be falling and we will have a 4 month old baby-weird.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good! I have the same old aches and pains but nothing I can’t live with. I’ve noticed that […]

Healthy Breakfast Pancake

I’m pretty sure most pancakes are breakfast pancakes….but that’s neither here nor there!

I saw this recipe on Tina’s blog Carrots N’ Cake and thought I’d give it a try this morning. I feel like I’m always on the lookout for healthy pancake recipes. I think just because pancakes (and other baked goods) are so ridiculously […]

Monster Zucchini

Hey guys! I have been the worst blogger ever in the history of bloggers-sorry!

To be honest, I’ve been tired lately and the last things I’ve wanted to do were cook or workout. So basically, I had zero material for the blog. This past week I was actually out of town-in San Diego (Coronado) to […]

CrossFit While Pregnant

So the title of this post is a little misleading….I haven’t been doing CrossFit workouts regularly. A part of me wants to, but since I wasn’t doing them before (regularly at least), I’m certainly not going to start now!

However, when I find a “doable” CrossFit workout, I will definitely give it a shot! Yesterday […]