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Understanding Your Macros Part II

I hope you all had a great 4th!!

Before we jump into macro’s, I just want to emphasize that I am not a doctor. Also, everyones different! I’m going to show you what my macros would be if I was using the 30/30/40 calorie breakdown but it’s certainly not a “one size fits all” guarantee. […]

Happy 4th of July!

Hi ya’ll! Happy Fourth!!

I’ll be spending the day with this little animal:

egg face!

The hubs is out of town so Brooke and I are going to BBQ with some friends.


Just in case you were feeling ultra motivated today, here some workout ideas….4th of July themed of course :


Leg Burnout!

Yesterday was leg day for me. I’ve been breaking “leg day” up into 2 days: 1 day focused more on quads and the 2nd day on hamstrings and glutes (glutes pretty much get worked on both do calfs).

I started the workout with a tabata on the treadmill that I found on The Petite […]

Understanding Your Macro’s Part 1

*I started typing this out and realized it was going to be a long post so I’m doing it in 2 segments. This first part is basically about figuring out how many calories you actually need a day therefore how many you’d have to cut in order to lose weight (or gain..or maintain).

A big […]

Sticking to a Workout Plan

A workout plan….or “diet” plan. By “diet” I really mean just eating healthy, but this could apply to an actual diet plan too.

I personally don’t have a problem with the workout aspect but the diet, yes yes I do. Not huge problems….but that’s definitely my downfall if I had to choose one. Unfortunately, diet […]

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer

Hi there!! Been a while huh?

Obviously I’ve sort of fallen out of the routine of writing daily posts for my blog. It’s kind of one of those things where time flies by, then I just feel weird posting. Like, all the readers are gone now…hopefully that’s not the case because I’d like to get […]

Boston Marathon

This is probably going to be somewhat of a rambling post, but I felt like I needed to post something.

When the bombs went off I was about a half mile from the finish line. I heard them go off and immediately thought..fireworks? ┬áBut honestly, they did not sound like fireworks. Then I thought, well, […]


Wow, 2 days in a row can you believe it? I decided that while Brooke naps, it’s time for mama to ramble on her blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this, but I am still training for the Boston marathon. Doesn’t it seem like I’ve been doing this forever? I guess I’m […]

Upper Body Workout

Hey guys! The past few days have been pretty good on the workout front. I’ve been able to lift weights Monday and Tuesday which is great. It’s always somewhat of a challenge because I bring Brooke with me to the gym…like literally, carry her around in a car seat. It gets a little weird sometimes…me […]

Lifting Heavy

Hey guys! So, I’ve been doing some thinking since my last post and I’ve decided to scratch the Paleo challenge. Maybe one of these days…but right now I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think I’d be setting myself up for failure which is never a good idea. So, instead I’m just focusing on […]