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Today’s Short Run

So, Dallas is officially beautiful. Today got up to 76! I was basically hot, I loved it! I’m so used to Chicago so I’m just waiting for it to drop to -20 any day now…..but it could potentially be spring here right? I know Phoenix gets warmer now and stays that way….so Dallas could too…?


Valentine’s Dinner

My original plan for Valentine’s Day dinner was a pretty exotic one. When we lived in Palo Alto, we used to go to this Italian restaurant and Cliff always ordered a dish with squid ink in it (yes, it was black). It didn’t make the dish overly fishy, I think the ink was used just […]

Valentine’s Workout

I wanted my time at the gym today to be snappy. I had some big, Valentine’s Day related errands to attend to. So, I made a weight lifting circuit up and went through the whole thing three times. It wasn’t quite as quick as I thought it would be. There were some burpees and jumps […]

First Valentine’s Day

How could I do a post today and not mention that it’s my first Valentine’s Day with my husband! That’s not exactly true…we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day together for the past 6 years….but it’s our first as a married couple! Not that I’m expecting big changes because of that (not that I need any changes either). […]

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Since the weather has turned around here in the Big D (71 today!), I decided to whip up some homemade ice cream! It might be a little premature (I’m sure it’s not quite Spring yet), but it’s fun to pretend. This was my first experience with the ice cream maker too. We got a Cuisinart […]

French Toast with Grilled Bananas

Since it’s Saturday, I was craving some serious brunch food. Since we’re currently broke, I decided to cook those brunch favorites myself. On the menu for this morning: french toast! I’ve said this before…but I love breakfast foods. Any breakfast food. French toast is pretty much amazing. If I could eat it everyday, I would.


12 Mile Long Run

I was a little hesitant to run my long run yesterday since I ran my long run from last week on Monday. It seemed like a lot of mileage in just a few days. But, I really want to get back on my running schedule so I gave it a shot. Yesterday’s long run was […]

Green Machine

Finally, I successfully made a smoothie that turned out green! Usually, they turn out a beautiful brown color or purple-ish brown. Either way a very unattractive, dirt color. Yesterday, I finally figured it out! I kept the spinach and omitted the frozen strawberries. It actually turned out pretty good too! There’s always a moment of […]

Review: Chocolate Chunk Luna Bar

I received a lovely package the other day from the good folks at Luna Bar. It was filled with 4 new flavors of the bars-2 of the regular, 2 of their protein bars. Yesterday, I tore into my first one: the chocolate chunk bar.

I like Luna Bars for a couple different reasons. First […]

Bulgar Bulge

I wanted to shake things up a bit in the morning. I love my usual oatmeal…but I know there are tons of grains/wheats out there that taste similar to oatmeal but are even more nutritious. Bulgar is one of those. Bulgar has quite a bit of fiber and protein so it’s a great oatmeal swap.