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14 Mile Long Run

The weeks of marathon training are flying by. I guess what they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun! I’m not sure running 14 miles qualifies as “fun,” but at least I’m slowly but surely getting the training done!

I was pretty proud of myself this past Friday when I went out for […]

Veganfest 2011

Thursday night, we decided to make dinner at my place instead of going out. My friend brought a vegan cookbook with her called Appetite for Reduction(love the Guns n’ Roses reference) so we picked a couple recipes out of the book. This cookbook had all vegan recipes, but it also focused on those recipes being […]

Dallas Farmer’s Market

Today was quite an adventurous day. My friend Tracie and I went to check out the famous Dallas Farmer’s Market (famous in Dallas…). Turns out, it’s not in the best neighborhood Dallas has to offer so I’m glad Tracie was with me for the ride. I got the impression that the market is usually bigger […]


Today’s workout was inspired by a Cross-Fit from a couple days ago. The original Cross-Fit was this:

5 rounds for time:

Run 1/4 mile 30 box jumps 30 wall balls

This sounded like a great plan until I realized that that was a lot of box jumps! Since my legs were already sore from yesterday’s […]

New (to me) Finds

After my run yesterday, I finally dove into the Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut bar. This is a new flavor for Luna (and for me) so I’ve been looking forward to trying it.

I literally ate it in the car on the way home from my run so I don’t have any pictures of the […]

9 miles…again.

Like I mentioned earlier, today’s plan was to run the long run that was originally planned for Friday. Since I had a fever on Friday, 9 miles was sort of out of the question. I wasn’t even sure doing that distance today was a great idea since I still have a cough. But I went […]

Smooth Breakfast

I think it’s safe to say it’s spring here in Dallas. This might be a little premature…but I’m going to throw it out there anyway! The past few days have been so beautiful, almost hot! It’s already at 74 today (almost a little warm for a 9 mile run….they say to dress like it’s 20 […]

Back To The Gym

Friday was a pretty rough day for me. I had a fever and just felt terrible. It was one of those feelings where one minute I was super hot….then I’d get cold….the whole time, head was pounding. So, I sat on the couch pretty much all day and watched a couple movies (that was the […]

Trying New Things

My day yesterday was filled with trying new things By “things” I mean food. First up: new oatmeal mix. Believe it or not, I did NOT add peanut butter to my oatmeal. It’s been a while since I’ve left peanut butter out of anything especially my morning oatmeal.

I picked up some delicious blackberries that […]


Today was yet another 6 mile run. For some reason, it was a tough one. Some days are great, but some are incredibly tough to get through. You’d think if running was a part of your life for a couple years now, each time would be easy, but it’s not. Today’s run was a frustrating […]