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I set out today for a 5 mile run. It wasn’t as good as my run the other day, but I still completed all 5 miles at a fairly good pace. I need to stop running in the middle of the day, it’s getting a little too warm (that’s what I like to blame it […]

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup

So, obviously we’ve been in the Thai spirit these past few days. We made the chicken satay, and the next night made hot and sour soup with prawns (shrimp). It’s actually one of the few recipes I’ve made that actually turned out exactly as it should! Usually, I manage to screw something up so it’s […]

Thai Chicken Satay

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve been back and we’re already craving the foods we left behind. During our stay in Chiang Mai, we took a cooking course. Cliff and I each cooked 4 different dishes. One of the dishes Cliff cooked was chicken satay with peanut sauce. The sauce was amazing! […]

Gettin’ My Groove Back

Today ended up being a pretty good day. It was no half marathon (congrats to all the DC and Dallas Rock and Roll finishers!), but it was definitely an improvement from the past few runs I’ve had. While at work this morning, I sat a group of girls that looked like athletes. I noticed one […]

Quarter Life Crisis

Alright, technically it’s a little over a quarter life, either way it’s a crisis! I know this is my first week back from our long trip (so maybe that’s why?) but my marathon motivation has severely subsided. I’ve attempted 4 runs since I’ve been back, all short 3 milers (one was 4). During each run, […]

No Crunches Required

No run today! Today was just me and the (very tiny) gym. Me and a couple weights. I still don’t feel completely back to my pre-Thailand shape, so I thought a full body workout would help get me there.

I made up a circuit that was inspired by workouts from Runner’s World and Fitness magazine. […]

Indian Feast

I was walking through the store yesterday and took a turn down the “ethnic foods” aisle. I always see these delicious looking indian, spanish, and asian simmering sauces but never buy them. One of my favorite indian food dishes is Chicken Tikka Masala. I love it! I sort of assume no jar of sauce in […]

Back in the Game

I was not a good marathon trainee while I was gone. I didn’t run (or workout in any way…unless you count walking to food vendors) once while I was gone. So, it’s been a solid 2 weeks since I last ran. While I was gone I thought, “I should be good. I’ve been training well […]

Bangkok, Delicious

Alright, the post you’ve been waiting for (I’m sure you’ve been checking non stop to see if I’ve posted…It’s only the weekend, what else could you be doing? :))! I’ve mentioned this already, but I loved the food situation in Thailand. Speaking of situation, did you see “the situation” on the Roast of Donald Trump…oh […]

Chiang Mai and Bangkok!

We have so many pictures it’s ridiculous! Hopefully, I can fit a few more into this post to give you an overview of the trip. Then I’ll do a food post (it’ll be a good one!). I already miss the food there. Street food is huge in Thailand. It’s super cheap and almost always really […]