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12 Days of (Healthy) Christmas, Day 11

1 day closer to Christmas!

Piper's Piping!

On the 11th day of Christmas you gave to yourself…..Self Control at Holiday Parties! Or 11 cocktails at a party! Just kidding, don’t drink 11 drinks…but if you do, invite me because your party sounds awesome.

Anyway, we’ve kind of gone over surviving a holiday party in […]

Running in Snow

Maybe I should call this post Stressful Running? Or Skidding Across Ice? Anyway, it snowed a couple inches last night. I guess it’s about that time of year. Since it’s also that time of year when I need to train for a marathon, I braved the icy temperatures and went out for a 3 miler. […]

12 Days of (Healthy) Christmas

The countdown has begun! 12 days until Christmas day. December always flies by doesn’t it? So, the holiday’s are the holiday’s and we love them for that. But, as we all know that usually consists of lots of junk food and drinks. There’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying them because they do come once a […]

Workout Playlists

I don’t know about you, but music can make a big impact on my workout. For example, when I’m running, I totally notice a difference between a song thats alright versus one that I love. It’s like when you’re driving a car and a song comes on that pumps you up, you might speed up. […]

BM 3 Mile Run

Well, run number 1 is down!! It wasn’t too bad actually. Honestly, it never really is. The hardest part is definitely getting out the door. The cold weather just sounds awful so it’s something I don’t look forward to. Today (of course) happened to be overcast and really chilly-I swear every other day is sunny! […]

18 Weeks.

Remember weeks ago when I mentioned I’ll soon be starting to train for the Boston Marathon? Yea, I haven’t started yet. I’m following an 18 week program (18 weeks from today) so it’s alright, but I meant to start prepping for the prepping before today. I wanted to get in the habit of running outside […]

Christmas Came Early!

We got an unexpected package the other day from my mom-Christmas presents! Every year she sends Christmas decorations before Christmas so we will eventually have an endless supply of holiday cheer around the house. Either she thinks I’m lazy and won’t decorate (which could be true) or assumes we’re poor (also true). Either way the […]

The Skier’s Workout

Skiing definitely demands a great deal from your body..mostly coordination and balance. Coordination can sometimes be a tricky thing, but at least, in this case, it can be worked on. Of course, the issue with lack of coordination when skiing is you risk falling and breaking your body (which would be unfortunate).

I recently […]

Coconut Chicken

I’ve really been a huge fan of all things coconut this past year: coconut shampoo, coconut flavored Lara bars, Thai coconut recipes, etc. Last year I made a coconut crusted chicken dish that turned out really good and was relatively simple. I believe I first saw it in Cooking Light magazine so it’s safe to […]

Weight Lifting For Women

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that lifting weights is crucial if you want to burn fat and add muscle. If you’ve never been much of a weight lifter though, stepping into a gym filled with guys can be intimidating. When that’s the case, it’s much easier to skip it altogether or go straight […]