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Sweet and Sour Chicken

I love Pinterest for so many reasons. The most important reason I think is being able to “bookmark” in a way, recipes I want to try. It’s great because I can make a board of all these delicious, amazing looking foods that I do plan on making. I’ve actually made a couple so at least […]

Bad Day

Today was just a crappy day. They happen sometimes, what can ya do? In my case, I might have been able to prevent this unloading of crappiness if I had thought it through a little but alas, I did not.

I had big, productive plans for this day. First, we were heading to the DMV […]

Quitting Caffeine

I really enjoy a morning cup of coffee. I’m actually one of those people who love the taste and smell, not just its’ effects. Actually, sometimes the effects of coffee, or caffeine, can put me in a bad mood. If you drink coffee or probably any caffeinated beverage, I’m sure you’ve been there. You feel […]

Mexican Pulled Chicken

I found a pretty irresistible recipe the other day on Pinterest (the recipe originally came from The Larson Lingo). It was a slow cooker recipe with only 5 ingredients: cream cheese, diced tomatoes, black beans, corn, and chicken. Not just regular old thawed chicken breast either, frozen chicken works just fine. That’s the part I […]

Running When Sick

In case you were wondering, I am still training for the marathon. It hasn’t been easy though. My runs at home were pretty good. I had a long run of 7 miles which was nice, then three days of 3 miles. I skipped the last 3 miler…oops!

This week, I have 2 days of 3 […]

Antelope Kebobs

Yep, you read that right: antelope kebobs. Remember when I went hunting (well, I went camping, the husband went hunting) in Wyoming a couple months ago? The hubs brought back an antelope and we’re still working on it. We’re still working on the wild boar that I shot..yes, me, last year. Wild game meat is […]