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Lighter Fudge Brownies

The January/February Cooking Light magazine claimed to have the BEST light chocolate recipe…ever. That’s a pretty bold statement right? Since it’s Valentine’s Day month, AKA “stuff your face with sweets” month, I decided to do my part and make this so called “best chocolate recipe EVER.”

In case you were wondering, the top candidates for […]

Valentine’s Day Ideas

I’m pretty sure the majority of my blog reader’s are ladies (I know there are a few dudes, so sorry to leave you guys out…but leave your opinion on this post!). Since most of you are ladies and as you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d try to think up some potential […]

Busy Weekend

Sorry for the no post yesterday, we’ve had friends visiting and they actually leave today. They were supposed to get here Friday but all the flights into Denver got canceled (their first major snow storm!). Of course, it wasn’t snowing at all here so the skiing was the same: nice and icy :).

Anyway, we […]

5X50 Workout

It’s Friday so you know what that means….a new workout!

This one is pretty simple, which I love. You can do it anywhere since it doesn’t require equipment (another bonus!). That being said, it’s still challenging!

5X50 Workout

So, there are only 5 exercises in this workout but the catch is, you’re doing 50 […]

Is It Summer Yet?

Or even spring? I’ll take spring too. I think the answer is no to both of these questions especially considering it’s supposed to snow like crazy today and tomorrow.

I know I’m being a little whiny about winter. I think going to Palm Beach ruined winter for me to be perfectly honest. I should consider […]

Running After Injury

The Boston Marathon is officially less than 11 weeks away; I can’t believe it! It’s definitely going to sneak up on me and scare me half to death. My trainings been going pretty alright…not great, but not terrible.

The first few weeks of training I wasn’t feeling that great so I laid off the runs. […]